Best handheld car vacuums

Mejores aspiradoras de mano para coche

Clean your car at will with cordless hand vacuums Handheld car vacuum cleaners without any cables are synonymous with comfort and savings. In addition to the fact that you will not need to travel every time you want to clean the interior of your vehicle, you will save on gasoline and coins with each cleaning. … Read more

VacuumGo Pro the best mini vacuum cleaner

VacuumGo Pro review test and opinions

Clean impossible corners with VacuumGo Pro, the car is always clean VacuumGo Pro is the mini handheld vacuum cleaner that allows you to vacuum each and every one of the small holes in your home and in your car that you have no other way to reach. With this gadget you will prevent dirt from … Read more

CarVac, the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Nuvac review and opinions

Clean any corner with CarVac, the lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner CarVac is a powerful cordless mini vacuum cleaner that you can operate with one hand, and thanks to its brushless motor and high-performance suction, you can use it to remove dirt from any corner of your home or car. -50% in official store Save energy … Read more

How to remove dents from the car

how to remove dents review test and opinions

Learn the best way to remove car dents yourself How to remove dents from your car without further damaging it and leaving it in perfect condition and without going through the workshop. That is something that today, and without having advanced knowledge of mechanics, anyone can know. Learn more in the tutorial below. Sucker Repair … Read more

Nomoden, dent repairer

Nomoden review and opinions

Your impeccable car with Nomoden, the dent puller Nomoden is a suction cup used to repair dents in car bodywork. With this gadget, you will be able to remove small bumps that occur especially on the hood, doors and sides without having to go to the body shop. -50% in official store Save money with … Read more

FlashX5, tactical flashlight

Flash X5 review and opinions

Always bright wherever you go with FlashX5, the perfect flashlight FlashX5 is a tactical flashlight designed for all possible uses. With this new device you can light up in any situation. If you need a tool that won’t let you down, its shock and water resistance is perfect for you. -50% in official store The … Read more

Pump Pal, best fueling glove

Pump Pal review and opinions

I reposta without staining gasoline with Pump Pal, and avoid odors Pump Pal is a specially designed hand protector to refuel gasoline without staining, and without the smell of the supplier to pass to your skin. Thanks to this you can fill the tank hygienically. -50% in official store Install the Pump Pal gasoline protective … Read more