Tool in One, best multi-tool

Tool in One review and opinions

Fix everything with Tool in One, the versatile tool Tool in One is the multipurpose tool that can get you out of any trouble wherever you go. Perfect for camping, to use quickly on your job without digging through the toolbox, or for any repair around your home. -50% in official store Convenience for professionals … Read more

UniWrench, universal wrench

Uniwrench review and opinions

With the UniWrench multifunction wrench, there will be no nut that can resist you UniWrench is a universal wrench that you can use to loosen or tighten any type of nut, bolt or hook with ease. It replaces all types of keys up to 19mm and adapts to all types of non-circular geometric shapes. -50% … Read more

ForeverPen, inkless ballpoint pen

Forever Pen review and opinions

Write where you want with ForeverPen, the eternal pencil ForeverPen is a new pencil forged in silver layer instead of the traditional carbon fiber of conventional pencils. With this new gadget you will be able to write on almost any surface without it wearing out. -50% in official store Write on any surface with the … Read more

Sigaku laser angle meter

Sigaku review and opinions

Precision in all your repairs with Sigaku, the perfect meter and laser level Sigaku is a laser meter and angle measurer that will allow you to calculate the level of any space. Thanks to this new precision tool, you will be able to place furniture, television or pictures with surgical perfection. -50% in official store … Read more

Kitchen Super Scissors, multipurpose scissors

Kitchen Super Scissors review and opinions

If you like cooking, Kitchen Super Scissors will be your favorite purchase Kitchen Super Scissors are multipurpose scissors that have six different functions. Detachable to be able to convert them into the cutting tool you need, from knife to peeler, they will allow you to handle meat, fish or vegetables with ease. -50% in official … Read more

How to clean connectors

How to clean connectors review and opinions

Learn the best way to clean smartwatch connectors, headphones and more How to clean connectors without damaging them and leaving them in perfect condition is something that everyone must learn today. Devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or headphones need a minimum of hygiene and maintenance. Cleaning kit Remove dust and lint Embedded dirt USB … Read more

Keyzmo the most versatile multi-tool

Keyzmo review and opinions

The multi-tool Keyzmo is the gadget of the future Keyzmo is a multipurpose tool with more than 20 applications in a single piece of 420 stainless steel, resistant to everything and that will be useful for many years. Solve small daily inconveniences just by taking it out of your pocket. -50% in official store Make, … Read more

KeyX24 the portable multipurpose tool

keyx24 reseñas y opiniones

Fix anything with KeyX24 the most versatile tool KeyX24 is a multipurpose tool with very small dimensions, to the point that it can be used as a keychain. With this set of universal tools, you can fix small breakdowns and solve problems wherever you go. -50% in official store The KeyX24 multi-tool keychain at the … Read more Protection Status