Indoor WiFi surveillance cameras, best models 2024

Buying a couple of WiFi surveillance cameras can avoid scares

Indoor wifi surveillance camera with guarantees, without subscription and also cheap, we can find it in many places. They are perfect devices for better security in our home, and also for greater control of the little ones and the elderly.

Weave a network of WiFi cameras with video surveillance inside the house

Thanks to the fact that each device is independent of the rest, and you can connect from several devices to each and every one of the WiFi indoor surveillance cameras, you will be able to simultaneously monitor and record different rooms and angles of your home.

How to install a WiFi video surveillance camera

The installation process is quite simple. The vast majority of devices have an APP, so you just have to install the surveillance camera APP on your smartphone and connect it to your WiFi repeater.

Alarm and night vision the best accessories for wifi surveillance cameras

When someone enters your home to steal or perform any act of vandalism, it is usually done at night and in silence. The night vision of the new 360º cameras and the possibility of remotely triggering alarms make your home much more secure.

This year’s best-selling indoor WiFi surveillance cameras are as follows

HauSafe Cam HD review and opinions

HauSafe Cam HD, best-selling WiFi camera in the US

This surveillance camera model has become fashionable in the EU and UK due to the quality of its APP, its night vision and because HauSafe Cam HD offers you all the features with a excellent price.

Weekly inquiries 4.615 Indoor surveillance cameras, reviews and opinions
CamGuard Pro review and opinions

CamGuard Pro, cheap indoor WiFi camera

If this security products company stands out in something, it is in the prices. The CamGuard Pro indoor WiFi camera model is one of the cheapest in its category, competing at all times in quality and performance.

Weekly inquiries 4.399 Indoor surveillance cameras, reviews and opinions
Sherkam review and opinions

Sherkam, camouflaged spy camera

Although it is not a WiFi surveillance camera, we wanted to include the Sherkam spy device. You can camouflage it and record 24 hours without interruption, and it is ideal for monitoring an employee, babysitter, caretaker, etc.. or any act of theft or vandalism.

Weekly inquiries 4.118 Indoor surveillance cameras, reviews and opinions

If an indoor WiFi surveillance camera meets these requirements, buy it without fear

  • 360º panoramic orientation
  • Motion detection.
  • Alerts to your smartphone using the WiFi network.
  • Remote voice controls that allow you to interact.
  • Camouflage in the shape of a light bulb, and power supply to its thread.
  • Alarms to scare away any intruder.
  • Advanced night vision.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior.
  • Non-stop recording, both on memory card and on the cloud.
  • Operation without monthly subscription and free APP.
  • You can see the reviews of Hausafe Cam HD as well as the spy camera Sherkam and the comparison of the wireless security cameras in their appropriate sections.
  • It is advisable to use security recordings only to protect yourself from break-ins or illegal acts that occur in your home.

Most common opinions and reviews about WiFi video surveillance cameras

In the vast majority of official companies, they include and highlight above all the reliability of these cameras and the image quality with which they manage to record any break-in or unexpected activity in their homes. In this, real users tend to agree, who also appreciate the total independence of security companies.

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