GloveMood, heated gloves with touch screen control

GloveMood reviews and opinions

Move without cold with GloveMood, the latest generation gloves GloveMood are heated gloves that incorporate a 10,000Mah charge bank that allows you to keep your hands warm even in the most extreme cold circumstances. They also provide excellent mobility and resist all types of adverse weather. Official store Access here to buy Instant heat in your … Read more

TheraGlove by Cloedar, the best compression gloves

TheraGlove review-and opinions

Move your hands without pain with TheraGlove, the new compressives TheraGlove by Cloedar are thermal gloves designed so that you can perform any activity with suture while they press on the key points of the joints of the hands, thus helping to prevent and alleviate joint pain. Official store Access here to buy How and when … Read more

Nima Winter Gloves, warm hands

Nima Winter Gloves review and opinions

Warm hands with Nima Winter Gloves, and always ready Nima Winter Gloves are the tactile gloves that this winter will protect you from inclement weather, both cold, wind and rain, without losing touch and mobility of your hands. -50% in official store Full movement of your hands at any temperature with Nima Winter Gloves Until … Read more

Boolex Sport Gloves

Boolex Sport Gloves review and opinions

Enjoy the cold with Boolex Sport Gloves without getting cold Boolex Sport Gloves are winter tactile gloves designed to keep your hands warm while you can at the same time perform any activity naturally and maintaining touch. They are the most comfortable in their category. -50% in official store Use the phone without getting cold … Read more