Category: Smart Watches

Agrive Band, the cheap smartband 3.0

High-precision sport and health with Agrive Band, the 3.0 generation smartband Agrive Band is a new smartband of the so-called 3.0 generation, which has all the advantages of new advanced software at the battery level and health control sensors. Plus upgraded...

Hero SmartWatch, the classic tactical watch

Extreme resistance with Hero Smartwatch, the classic military watch Hero Smartwatch is a classic tactical watch that stands out for having improved all its software with the latest advances while maintaining its solid appearance and its performance in terms of resistance...

Qinux Zero military smartwatch

The Qinux Zero military smartwatch will awaken your adventurous side Qinux Zero is a tactical smartwatch that has a very classic design like most military watches. But on the other hand, it hides the most advanced characteristics among those of its... Protection Status