Arena Smart Band, your sports bracelet

Arena Smart Band review and opinions

Sport and health, Arena Smart Band puts them on your wrist comfortably Arena Smart Band is a new sports bracelet, one of the finest and most complete. This new device has a more powerful and improved vital signs reading chip that offers you each measurement instantly in its simple and more complete interface. It is … Read more

Amazfit GTS 4, more powerful and complete

Amazfit GTS 4 review and opinions

Movement without limits with Amazfit GTS 4, renewed and more powerful Amazfit GTS 4 is the new smartwatch from the well-known brand specialized in high-performance sports watches. This new model of the top-selling GTS incorporates new features that will delight its most unconditional followers. See in official store Routes in great detail on the new … Read more

We present the unknown smartwatches that are the best-selling

unknown and cheap smartwatch

New smartwatch brands offer all the features with great quality Cheap smartwatches from little-known brands Thanks to the large number of manufacturers that exist today at the smartwatch level, some companies have begun to work on creating attractive products for the public, and generating new brands that offer quality products at low cost. Smartwatch brands … Read more

RimX Watch, racing sports watch

RimX Watch review and opinions

The most powerful sports watch is RimX watch, enjoy its toughness RimX Watch is a sports watch that bases its appearance on high speed. With a design that simulates the wheel of a race car, and a German high-tech quartz heart, it is the ideal watch for your day-to-day. -50% in official store Timeless style … Read more

How to clean connectors

How to clean connectors review and opinions

Learn the best way to clean smartwatch connectors, headphones and more How to clean connectors without damaging them and leaving them in perfect condition is something that everyone must learn today. Devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets or headphones need a minimum of hygiene and maintenance. Learn more in the following tutorial. Cleaning kit Remove … Read more

Fradonic, smartphone cleaning kit

Fradonic review and opinions

Extend the life of your equipment with Fradonic, the most precise cleaner Fradonic is a cleaning kit for electronic devices, specialized in smartphones, tablets, headphones, and especially in computers. With this new cleaning pencil you can always have any electronic equipment ready. -50% in official store Remove dust from any crack with Fradonic, no matter … Read more

Kidya Watch, the GPS smartwatch for children

Kidya Watch review and opinions

Direct communication with children with Kidya Watch, the smartwatch for children Kidya Watch is a new smartwatch model designed especially for children with an integrated SIM card that allows calls, GPS location and even a panic button in case the child is lost or in danger. -50% in official store Real-time positioning of your child … Read more

Agrive Band, the cheap smartband 3.0

Agrive Band review and opinions

High-precision sport and health with Agrive Band, the 3.0 generation smartband Agrive Band is a new smartband of the so-called 3.0 generation, which has all the advantages of new advanced software at the battery level and health control sensors. Plus upgraded CPUs and a host of top-tier features. -50% in official store The new components … Read more Protection Status