Evaporative air cooler, an alternative to air conditioning

Evaporative air cooler

What is an evaporative cooler and what makes it so useful in the heat An evaporative air cooler is a device that takes in hot air and returns it cooler through the vaporization of water. Normally they are fans that have a wet filter in the part where they absorb the air so that when … Read more

Energy Efficient Electric Heater, top sales 2024

Energy Efficient Electric Heater

Finding a low-energy heater is easy and cheap Low consumption heaters, the so-called energy efficiency heaters are those that will allow us to be warm this winter. The technology of the silent low consumption heater Using a silent but powerful fan in the same device, and a heating system based on ceramic grids allows you … Read more

eSaver Watt, learn more about the electricity saver that stabilizes your installation

eSaver Watt the safe electricity saver

Reduce your electricity bill with eSaver Watt and get an ECO home eSaver Watt is an energy saver that absorbs dirty energy through a capacitor, eliminating power peaks. It also has safety regulators that prevent condensed energy from causing voltage increases, thus protecting any malfunction of household appliances. -50% in official store Is the eSaver … Read more

Portable ceramic heaters, the most economical option this winter

Best portable ceramic heaters

We compare the best mini portable ceramic heaters that you can buy online this 2024 Portable ceramic heaters you can buy online in hundreds of places. We can create an endless list and not all of them will be the best, or the cheapest, so we are going to recommend the ones we have seen … Read more

Hero Power Saver, electricity saver that stabilizes voltage spikes

Hero Power Saver miracleWatt reviews and opinions

Save energy with Hero Power Saver and extend the life of your appliances Hero Power Saver is an electrical current stabilizer that is installed in any socket in the house, and allows the power peaks produced by the most powerful appliances to be eliminated from the network. This way you save electricity. Official store Access here … Read more

SolarBright Floodlights, the LED solar spotlight with motion sensor

SolarBright Floodlights reviews and opinions

Convenience and electricity savings with SolarBright Floodlights throughout your home SolarBright Floodlights are solar-powered LED light floodlights designed for outdoor use. They recharge during the day and stay operational all night if you need it. Official store Access here to buy Your home safer with SolarBright Floodlights light panels Thanks to sensors that activate lighting from … Read more

Qinux TinySpin, the mini washing machine that saves you time and money

Qinux TinySpin reviews and opinions

Save electricity and water with Qinux TinySpin, the custom washing machine Qinux TinySpin is a portable mini washing machine with up to eight liters of capacity, which is foldable and allows you to take it wherever you want and use it immediately. With its 10, 15 and 20 minute wash cycles you will have your … Read more

WattWise, filter for dirty electricity

WattWise reviews and opinions

Let WattWise take care of your appliances WattWise is a capacitor that works connected to the general current, as a filter against dirty electricity, stabilizing the peaks generated by higher power appliances. Official store Access here to buy How does the WattWise dirty current filter work? In the same way as other devices in its category, … Read more

StopWatt, effective electricity stabilizer

StopWatt reviews and opinions

Stabilize your home’s electrical network with StopWatt, an official product StopWatt is a current stabilizer that, by means of capacitors, significantly reduces electricity peaks in the network, usually generated by household appliances with higher power. Official store Access here to buy How the StopWatt electric capacitor works You just have to connect the device to a … Read more

Wise Plug, energy saving capacitor

Wise Plug reviews and opinions

We analyze the Wise Plug electricity saver and all its features Wise Plug is an energy saver, which, based on the manufacturer’s review, ensures that it eliminates voltage spikes from household appliances and thus reduces electricity consumption. The official website ensures that you can reduce the electricity bill. Official store Access here to buy How the … Read more