StopWatt, effective electricity stabilizer

StopWatt reviews and opinions

Stabilize your home’s electrical network with StopWatt, an official product StopWatt is a current stabilizer that, by means of capacitors, significantly reduces electricity peaks in the network, usually generated by household appliances with higher power. Official store Access here to buy How the StopWatt electric capacitor works You just have to connect the device to a … Read more

Wise Plug, energy saving capacitor

Wise Plug reviews and opinions

We analyze the Wise Plug electricity saver and all its features Wise Plug is an energy saver, which, based on the manufacturer’s review, ensures that it eliminates voltage spikes from household appliances and thus reduces electricity consumption. The official website ensures that you can reduce the electricity bill. Official store Access here to buy How the … Read more

Power Saver Plus, save on your electricity bill

Power Saver Plus review and opinions

Pay less on your electricity bill with Power Saver Plus and take care of your appliances Power Saver Plus is an electricity saving device that allows you to actively reduce the passive consumption of any appliance connected to the network. It is easy to use, and very effective according to the manufacturer’s review. Official store Access … Read more

Energy savers

Energy savers

With these devices you can save energy in your home Although many homes already use solar panels to reduce electricity costs, in many houses they are not yet installed. That is why using some gadgets that allow you to save on energy consumption can be of great help to spend less money at the end … Read more

Voltricitty, Electric Plug Consumption Meter

Voltricitty review and opinions

Reduce your electricity bill with Voltricitty and save every month Voltricitty is a plug electricity consumption meter that allows you to know in real time all the data related to consumption, power (W), frequency (Hz), as well as power factor, costs, and minimum and maximum power peaks in each outlet. -50% in official store Access here … Read more

Ecoflow River Pro UK

Ecoflow River Pro 2 reviews and opinions

Take your Ecoflow River Pro charging station wherever you want Ecoflow River Pro 2 are the new portable charging stations that provide you with power independently anywhere. These batteries are totally independent and can be recharged through the network, or from the solar panels. -30%% in official store Access here to buy Save energy thanks … Read more

eSaver Watt the safe electricity saver

eSaver Watt the safe electricity saver

Reduce your electricity bill with eSaver Watt and get an ECO home eSaver Watt is the energy saver that, unlike other products that are advertised in the same way, has safety regulators that prevent the condensed energy from causing voltage surges, thus protecting any malfunction of household appliances. -50% in official store Is the eSaver … Read more

SnapPower by GuideLights

Snap Power review and opinions

Light up your home with GuideLights SnapPower, the smart light GuideLights SnapPower is a smart security lighting system, which once installed automatically provides soft light in any darkened room. In addition to illuminating any area, it does not require bulbs or cables of any kind. -50% in official store Install GuideLights SnapPower wherever you want … Read more