This is my presentation of new technological gadgets for this year

Learn more about what I present to you on this website dedicated to e-commerce products

Youneedthisgadget is a portal that I started in 2019 with the intention of presenting products from little-known brands in an entertaining way. Day by day it has been growing, and currently has more than a thousand integrated products that you can see first-hand.

More than a thousand products at your disposal

In our search engine you can find more than a thousand products and comparisons, find what you need without problems. And it’s not there, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Is this an affiliate marketing website?

Definitely yes, but although I get a small commission when a visitor buys any of the gadgets presented, the intention is not only to sell, but mainly to correctly inform the public and for each person to decide appropriately if want to purchase any product.

Honest presentation of each gadget

To create product reviews, I research each of the gadgets that I am going to present on the web. At the end of the year, more than 500 products from different suppliers are discarded.

Only quality and proven distributors

Another of my premises is that not all providers or affiliate networks can publish on this website. In order to present your gadgets you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Delivery guarantee to your customers.
  2. Visible and operational customer service.
  3. Compliance with the rights of withdrawal, return, etc.
  4. Clear company policies for all countries.
These are my main product suppliers:
Widitrade Gadget provider


Currently one of the most reliable gadget suppliers on the market. With one of the best percentages of successful deliveries, it has brands like the following.

  1. Qinux (Technology)
  2. Uqalo (Beauty and aesthetics)
  3. Cloedar (Lifestyle)
Giddyup Gadget provider


This is one of the oldest companies in electronic commerce worldwide. Based in the USA and top-level patented products, it has well-known patented brands such as these:

  1. Airphysio
  2. PhotoStick Omni
  3. Audien Atom Pro
  4. Kailo Patch
Orbio Gadget provider


This is one of the companies dedicated to the sale of online products with the greatest presence in Europe. Thanks to the possibility of buying cash on delivery in different countries and dedicated above all to household products, the following products stand out among others.

  1. Sinoshi cleaning brush
  2. Klaudena lumbar seat
  3. Japanese Huusk knife
  4. Nuubu detox patches
M4trix Gadget provider


Of the main suppliers I publish about on this website, this is one of the oldest companies. They sell all kinds of gadgets, of which more than 95% have passed the quality filter, among which the following stand out

  1. Cheap smartphones.
  2. Mini heaters.
  3. Beauty devices.

Solution to customer problems

In addition to presenting the gadgets of each company, I am also concerned about your satisfaction as customers. That is why you can freely comment on each report and rate the products. In addition, you have at your disposal the email to resolve any questions.

Withdrawal of products or companies

Sometimes it has happened to me that there are gadgets that over time lose quality in relation to their price, or in which the distribution company stops providing after-sales services. In these cases, customers complain and in addition to helping them I withdraw the products or correct the reviews to notify the customer.

Free spaces for reliable companies

Do you want to show your company’s products? If your gadgets adapt to the theme of my website and you want to present them to the public, you just have to request a review to and I will be happy to review it.