Qinux Airgo, the best-selling mini air cooler in the UK, US and Australia

Qinux Airgo review and opinions

Pay less on your bill this summer with Qinux Airgo, much more than a fan Qinux Airgo is a mini air cooler with an air evaporation system, which is used to cool medium-sized rooms in a natural way. In addition to cooling the environment faster, it is the most economical alternative thanks to lower consumption … Read more

Qinux Beathix, the CO2 meter and air quality detector

Qinux Beathix reviews and opinions

Enjoy a clean environment with Qinux Beathix and improve your health Qinux Beathix is a CO2 and ambient ozone meter designed for the home and indoor spaces. Although it also works outdoors, its measurements are more accurate in closed places. It warns you in real time when the room’s atmosphere is very stuffy, so that … Read more

Qinux DeHumiPur, the intelligent dehumidifier that controls the environment

Qinux DeHumiPur reviews and opinions

Buying a dehumidifier like Qinux DeHumiPur can improve your quality of life Qinux DeHumiPur is an electric dehumidifier that eliminates humidity from the air and cleans the environment of particles that can be harmful to health. In addition, it prevents the formation of mold and stabilizes the indoor climate of your home. Official store Access here … Read more

Qinux UmissPro, the smart humidifier with the best environmental control

Qinux UmissPro review and opinions

Softer environment at home with Qinux UmissPro, the ideal humidifier Qinux UmissPro is a smart humidifier that allows you to regulate the humidity of the room to your liking, so you can enjoy a softer climate inside your home. It is perfect for having a cleaner and healthier environment. Official store Access here to buy Breathe … Read more

TwilightMist, the most decorative humidifier

Twilightmist reviews and opinions

Improve the home environment with TwilightMist, the humidifier with decorative effects TwilightMist is a mini portable humidifier that you can use in the car and at home, and it is ideal for avoiding dry environments, for perfuming the atmosphere with air fresheners and oils and thus creating a much healthier environment. Official store Access here to … Read more