WaterBear, the cleaning patches for your lenses

WaterBear kuvst reviews and opinions

Clear image with WaterBear, your portable screen cleaner WaterBear are lens and screen cleaning patches that you can take with you wherever you want thanks to an ingenious adhesive system that keeps them stuck to any metal, PVC or glass support. Weekly inquiries 3.794 Official store Access here to buy Clear image instantly with your WaterBear … Read more

Qinux Baejox, a practical and simple pocket monocular

Qinux Baejox reviews and opinions

Enjoy the best views with Qinux Baejox, the pocket monocular Qinux Baejox is a 7X18mm pocket monocular that is very comfortable to carry, which you can use in any situation. It is practical, resistant and with an anti-glare lens that you can use normally or adapt it to your phone to obtain high-quality photos and … Read more

Wireless charger, the best models of 2024

Wireless charger, everything it can bring you

We analyze what wireless chargers can provide you with respect to conventional ones Wireless charger is one that allows you to charge the battery of a device without connecting any cable. They can be smartphones, smartwatches, games, tablets and a wide variety of other devices. Advantages and disadvantages of wireless chargers As new components are … Read more

Qinux Moscope, the 30X monocular zoom for smartphones

Qinux Moscope reviews and opinions

With the new Qinux Moscope smartphone zoom you will have comfort and range Qinux Moscope is a new zoom monocular for smartphones that stands out for its surprising design, much more comfortable and for an optic that allows you to achieve magnifications of up to X30 with total sharpness so that you can obtain professional … Read more

Best-selling smartphone zoom monocular for 2024

Monocular Zoom for telephone reviews

The best monocular zoom telescopes for mobile phones Below you can see the list with the comparison of the best monocular zoom telescopes for smartphones. These phone accessories are great tools for getting high-quality photos and videos from a distance in great detail. Ultra Zoom ZoomShot Pro StarScope FAQ Reviews and opinions Our comparison of … Read more

Qinux L7C Pro Plus, the support with image stabilizer for smartphones

Qinux L7C Pro Plus reviews and opinions

Professional videos with Qinux L7C Pro Plus, don’t waste a single image Qinux L7C Pro Plus is an image stabilizer mount for your phone with which you can film videos and take snapshots without image distortion, even when you are recording people and objects in rapid movements, such as running, cycling, or jumping. Official store Access … Read more

Ringo, the bottle that holds your phone

Ringo bottle reviews and opinions

You can’t imagine the things you can do with Ringo, the magnetic bottle Ringo is a bottle with a magnetic phone holder specially designed to withstand the weight of your phone and accommodate your conversations, watching videos, video conferencing and more, while having your hands free. Official store Access here to buy How does the Ringo … Read more

DJI Osmo Mobile 6, the ideal image stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 reviews and opinions

Get a quality image with DJI Osmo Mobile 6 on any terrain DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a high-quality phone image stabilizer that allows you to record videos and take photos without shaking even when you are in fast movements, such as running, cycling, jumping or doing any activity. Official store Access here to buy How … Read more

The PhotoStick Omni, these are my personal reviews after the test

The PhotoStick Omni personal reviews and opinions

The results of The Photo Stick Omni have totally convinced me The Photo Stick Omni is more than the software that you can install on any pendrive and that you can use to organize photos. If you use the official memory, that is when it really becomes a powerful and useful tool with up to … Read more

Power Snapz, smart 4-in-1 charger

Power Snapz reviews and opinions

Charge your devices quickly with Power Snapz and without fear of overloads Power Snapz is a 4-in-1 charger with intelligent voltage control that allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. Also much faster than with conventional chargers. Official store Access here to buy How the Power Snapz 4-in-1 Rapid Charger works Because it uses … Read more