FutureX Pen, inkless pen

FutureX Pen review and opinions

Take notes of everything with the FutureX Pen, without sharpening the pen FutureX Pen is a stylish inkless pen that you can use on your office desk until you retire without having to replace it. In addition, you can take it with you and write on any surface without fail, even wet. -50% in official … Read more

NightCap Scrunchie, your drink protector

NightCap Scrunchie review and opinions

Your drink is always safe with NightCap Scrunchie, the fashionable protection NightCap Scrunchie is a small protective layer of synthetic fabric that is placed on any glass or cup and that serves to protect your drink, both from dirt, and from anyone introducing substances into your drink and harming you. -50% in official store Safety … Read more

Lumforce Flashlight, best military flashlight

Lumforce flashlight review and opinions

Walk your way with Lumforce Flashlight and you’ll always know where you’re stepping Lumforce Flashlight is the new brand of military flashlights that will amaze you with its power, resistance and versatility. In addition to being comfortable to use and very light, its folding handle and two-way battery make it an essential survival mechanism. -50% … Read more

RealAction Pro, mini sports camera

RealAction Pro review and opinions

Get the best images with RealAction Pro, the adventure camera RealAction Pro is a mini 4K camera resistant to each and every one of the activities you want to do. In addition to an excellent moving image capture system, it is submersible and records underwater in 4K. -50% in official store Broadcast live with the … Read more

How to remove dents from the car

how to remove dents review test and opinions

Learn the best way to remove car dents yourself How to remove dents from your car without further damaging it and leaving it in perfect condition and without going through the workshop. That is something that today, and without having advanced knowledge of mechanics, anyone can know. Learn more in the tutorial below. Sucker Repair … Read more

Thermal Cover Pro, Facial Mask

Thermal Cover Pro review and opinions

Protected and warm with Thermal Cover Pro, the integral mask Thermal Cover Mask is one of the best allies for intense cold outdoors. This face mask also covers you ears and the rest of the head leaving space for the eyes and allowing you to breathe warmly and protected. -50% in official store Protection against … Read more