Muama Enence, the instant voice translator

Muama Enence translator reviews and opinions

Overcome any language barrier with Muama Enence, the most complete translator Muama Enence is an easy-to-use instant translator that allows you to translate bidirectionally, that is, from your language to that of your interlocutor and vice versa. This way you can handle any language without limits. Official store Access here to buy How the Muama Enence … Read more

Illuminova, the best pocket flashlight

Illuminova flashlight reviews and opinions

Always carry light with you with Illuminova, the keychain flashlight Illuminova is a small but very powerful pocket flashlight. It has a strobe light beam that can reach 125 meters and three other adjustable modes that allow you to have any type of lighting instantly wherever you are. Official store Access here to buy How the … Read more

TranslateTrek, the instant voice translator

TranslateTrek reviews and opinions

Understanding everyone is easier with TranslateTrek, the earpiece translator TranslateTrek is an instant audio translator that you can wear like a headset. It allows you to listen in your language simultaneously to conversations in 20 languages other than yours. Official store Access here to buy How TranslateTrek instant audio translator works You only have to capture … Read more

Mottorch, the LED headlamp

Mottorch, the LED headlamp

Ride safely with Mottorch and avoid accidents Mottorch is a headlamp that will allow you to be visible on any path or road thanks to its powerful LED lights. Its 360º frame also allows you to be visible to any vehicle ahead of you. It is perfect for any outdoor activity. -50% in official store … Read more

Qinux BatForce LX, the self-defense flashlight bat

Qinux Batforce LX reviews and opinions

Self defense and emergency light with Qinux BatForce LX, all in one Qinux BatForce LX combines the versatility of an emergency flashlight with the strength of a self defense bat. Thanks to its intimidating appearance, you will be able to defend yourself against any attempted aggression or assault. Official store Access here to buy What is … Read more

SafeHammer, emergency hammer glass breaker

SafeHammer review and opinions

Stay safe with SafeHammer from extremely dangerous situations SafeHammer is a safety hammer designed to be able to break car windows in an emergency, and it also has a seat belt cutter that can free anyone if they get trapped. This gadget can save the life of you and your loved ones. -50% in official … Read more

TheraGlove by Cloedar, the best compression gloves

TheraGlove review-and opinions

Move your hands without pain with TheraGlove, the new compressives TheraGlove by Cloedar are thermal gloves designed so that you can perform any activity with suture while they press on the key points of the joints of the hands, thus helping to prevent and alleviate joint pain. Official store Access here to buy How and when … Read more

PhotoStick Omni, updated experiences and tests 2023

The Photostick Omni reseñas y opiniones

More space with The Photo Stick Omni to store and recover files PhotoStick Omni is a memory stick, with software that allows you to recover your photos and videos. You can buy a 64G, 128Gb or 256GB memory stick according to your needs. This memory stick is faster and more efficient than a portable hard … Read more

Qinux WinCrack, security hammer for car

Qinux WinCrack reviews and opinions

Save lives in seconds, Qinux WinCrack puts the rescue in your hands Qinux WinCrack is a glass breaker hammer with seat belt cutter for the car, motorcycle or any vehicle, which has been designed so that in a few seconds you can help anyone trapped in their vehicle, or to get out of yours if … Read more