Zippy Wall Charger, one of the safest multiple chargers

Zippy Wall Charger reviews and opinions

Extend the life of your devices with Zippy Wall Charger, the most cost-effective charger Zippy Wall Charger is a new smart charger with three USB connectors that allows you to quickly charge your devices safely and efficiently, with a very low price of between $19 and $14.95 per unit. Official store Access here to buy Charge … Read more

CozyCharge, the hand warmer with universal power bank

CozyCharge reviews and opinions

Warm hands and a charged phone, with CozyCharge you have it all CozyCharge is a hand warmer that charges your phone, or a charging bank that warms your hands. You choose what to call it, the effect is the same. Thanks to this ingenious gadget, we can charge any device while warming our hands. Official … Read more

HeatPal 2.0, the improved mini ceramic heater

HeatPal 2.0 heater reviews and opinions

The performance of the HeatPal 2.0 heater far exceeds its predecessor HeatPal 2.0 is the improved version of the mini ceramic heater that is offering the best performance in terms of electricity savings and comfort of use. The well-known brand has significantly improved this appliance that was already very competent. Official store Access here to buy … Read more

Ringo, the bottle that holds your phone

Ringo bottle reviews and opinions

You can’t imagine the things you can do with Ringo, the magnetic bottle Ringo is a bottle with a magnetic phone holder specially designed to withstand the weight of your phone and accommodate your conversations, watching videos, video conferencing and more, while having your hands free. Official store Access here to buy How does the Ringo … Read more

Poliglu, an instant translator that always accompanies you

Poliglu translator reviews and opinions

Travel wherever you want with Poliglu, and understand everything Poliglu is the most used instant voice translator in the world. In addition to having a very affordable price for all budgets, its Application compatible with all phones and tablets makes it perfect to accompany you to any corner of the world. Official store Access here to … Read more

WaterBear, the cleaning patches for your lenses

WaterBear kuvst reviews and opinions

Clear image with WaterBear, your portable screen cleaner WaterBear are lens and screen cleaning patches that you can take with you wherever you want thanks to an ingenious adhesive system that keeps them stuck to any metal, PVC or glass support. Official store Access here to buy Clear image instantly with your WaterBear screen cleaners What’s … Read more

Voice translator, your new travel companion

Voice Translator reviews and opinions

The impact of the voice translator on global communication Communication is a fundamental aspect of our lives and, in the era of globalization, it has become even more important. Whether traveling for business, tourism, or simply connecting with people from different cultures, language can be a significant barrier. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, … Read more

Nooro, the top-selling EMS massager for pain in the US and Canada

Nooro massager reviews and opinions

Pain and leg relief with Nooro, the most sought after EMS massager Nooro is the electrostimulation (EMS) massage device that best adapts to your legs. Thanks to this device you can reactivate your blood circulation and prevent pain, varicose veins, fluid retention and much more. Official store Access here to buy How does the Nooro electrostimulation … Read more

Qinux PriMus, Bluetooth headphones with longer battery life

Qinux Aurimus reviews and opinions

Music without limits with Qinux AuriMus, the non-stop headset Qinux AuriMus are wireless headphones that have improved in practically every aspect that can be improved. From the design, with a more immersive experience to durability without using a charger. Official store Access here to buy A new Bluetooth for the new Qinux AuriMus headphones When we … Read more

Omni DataSafe, AES-256 encrypted USB flash drive

Omni DataSafe reviews and opinions

Don’t let your data be stolen, Omni DataSafe protects it from everything Omni DataSafe is a pendrive with two high security systems, on the one hand a military-grade AES-256 encryption that cannot be decrypted and on the other, a physical keyboard that allows you to protect the unit with a password. Official store Access here to … Read more