Meet the latest generation hearing aid Audien Atom 2 Series

Audien Atom Pro 2 reviews and opinions

With the new Audien Atom 2 Series you will improve your hearing significantly Audien Atom 2 Series is the new model of invisible hearing aids that are presented with an even smaller size than the previous model (28% smaller) and an advanced sound system that will allow you to hear more clearly without anyone noticing … Read more

Alternatives to remove earwax plugs

Alternatives to remove ear wax

What are earwax plugs and why is it important to remove them Cerumen is a substance that secretes the ear of people and animals. It is a yellow-colored substance that can have different shades, and provides important protection against infections and insects. When cerumen is produced in excess, it can cause plugs that are detrimental … Read more

Trigger Point Rocker, best lumbar corrector

Trigger Point System review and opinions

Say goodbye to back pain with Trigger Point Rocker, the ideal corrector Trigger Point Rocker is a new posture correcting device for the back, which additionally gives you pressure on key acupuncture points. In this way, you correct the spine naturally and relieve any pain. -50% in official store The Trigger Point Rocker back corrector … Read more

Smart Ear Wax Remover, with HD camera

Smart Ear Wax remover reseñas y opiniones

Your ears always perfect thanks to Smart Ear Wax Remover, official product Smart Ear Wax Remover is an ear cleaning head that incorporates a camera with a small LED spotlight. The images are transmitted via Bluetooth to your phone, and you can see how you clean your ears. -50% in official store You won’t need … Read more

Pico Buds Pro the smart hearing aid

Pico Buds Pro reseñas y opiniones

Con el nuevo limpiador de oidos Visual Clean X evitarás hacerte daño Pico Buds Pro is a new smart hearing aid that equals brands like Audifon or Audika in quality. You can solve your hearing problems at a very low price and independently, since it is very easy to adjust. -50% in official store Pico … Read more