Qinux Grinie, the traditional coffee grinder

Qinux Grinie reviews and opinions

Prepare coffee to your liking with Qinux Grinie, the designer manual grinder Qinux Grinie is a portable coffee grinder that allows you to grind coffee for all types of preparations, from espresso to Italian coffee makers. It is also completely portable, clean and with an airtight container that preserves the ground grain for days. Official … Read more

HydroPure Bottle, the portable water hydrogener bottle

HydroPure Bottle reviews and opinions

Improve your health with HydroPure Bottle and its hydrogenated water HydroPure Bottle is a portable water hydrogenator with a 300ml capacity, which allows you to always have hydrogenated water on hand. You only need a 5-minute process and you will have the contents of the bottle ready to drink healthier. Official store Access here to buy … Read more

Qinux Boiluxe, the kettle that keeps your drink hot for up to 12 hours

Qinux Boiluxe reviews and opinions

Take the Qinux Boiluxe kettle with you and always have your drinks ready Qinux Boiluxe is a beverage kettle with a capacity of up to 380ml that allows you to boil water in seven minutes and prepare your hot drinks, baby bottles for the little ones, and even instant soups if you need it. It … Read more

Qinux Ezpoon, the spoon with precision electronic scale for your kitchen

Qinux Ezpoon reviews and opinions

Get your recipes to the point with Qinux Ezpoon, the precision spoon Qinux Ezpoon is a spoon with a precision electronic scale that allows you to weigh food and any ingredient with a scale that includes decigrams and can reach 55g in a single weighing. This allows you to measure recipes with ease and elegance. … Read more

Better-Butter Spreader, the butter spreading knife you will love

Better-Butter spreader reviews and opinions

No brand needed, it’s called Better-Butter Spreader™ because that’s what it is Better-Butter Spreader™ is a different, innovative and very original butter spreading knife that improves any slice of bread. It is more convenient to use, it allows you to work with all types of butter, no matter how hard they are, in seconds. Official … Read more

Qinux ZumGo is the cordless blender for your pace of life

Qinux ZumGo reviews and opinions

Turn the glass of Qinux ZumGo upside down and pour yourself a good glass of vitality Qinux ZumGo is a cordless blender that you can charge via USB and take with you wherever you want. Its homogeneous and practical shape is ideal for taking it assembled anywhere, assembling your smoothies, turning it over and serving … Read more

Qinux Smotix, enjoy the portable blender for everything

Qinux Smotix reviews and opinions

Instant vitamins with Qinux Smotix, the most fun portable blender to use Qinux Smotix is a completely independent portable blender, since thanks to its battery that charges via USB, you can take it with you anywhere and prepare your smoothies instantly, even outdoors. How cool is it? Official store Access here to buy Smoothies and cold … Read more

Huusk knives, the chef’s Santoku knives on sale in the UK, US and Australia

Huusk CHEF knives reviews and opinions

Why do chefs recommend Huusk knives? Find out below Huusk chef is a brand of Japanese knives that combine the art of traditional forging with the latest technologies. Forged from high quality stainless steel, with a resistant and very sharp edge that allows you to cut with total precision. Official store Access here to buy What … Read more

Easy Sealer, pocket bag sealer

Easy Sealer reviews and opinions

Keep your food fresh longer with Easy Sealer and its patented heat seal Easy Sealer is a heat sealer for food bags that you can carry in your pocket. This device is ideal for re-sealing your snack bags so that they are not wasted in any way. Official store Access here to buy Save money and … Read more