Huusk, the chef’s Santoku knives

Huusk CHEF knives reviews and opinions

Why do chefs recommend Huusk knives? Find out below Huusk chef is a brand of Japanese knives that combine the art of traditional forging with the latest technologies. Forged from high quality stainless steel, with a resistant and very sharp edge that allows you to cut with total precision. Official store Access here to buy What … Read more

Easy Sealer, pocket bag sealer

Easy Sealer reviews and opinions

Keep your food fresh longer with Easy Sealer and its patented heat seal Easy Sealer is a heat sealer for food bags that you can carry in your pocket. This device is ideal for re-sealing your snack bags so that they are not wasted in any way. Official store Access here to buy Save money and … Read more

Dynasty Knives by Cooking Guild

Dynasty knives cooking guild review test and opinions

Cook with surgeon’s precision thanks to Dynasty knives, care they cut Cooking Guild’s Dynasty Knives are the kitchen utensils that will accompany you for the rest of your life. Four masterfully forged steel pieces that each adapt to their cutting functions so that you can cook with the greatest comfort in the world. -50% in … Read more

ECO – PadMita, the antibacterial tray

ECO Padmita review and opinions

Maintain total hygiene with ECO – PadMita, at home and on the go ECO – PadMita is a natural diatom tray, with drying properties that also reduce the formation of bacteria, fungi, parasites or germs. It is ideal for the bathroom, the terrace, the kitchen and for all places with humidity. -50% in official store Access … Read more

Water purifier, best options

Water purifier review and opinions

Choose the water purifier that best suits you Effective water purifier to choose this 2022 there are many. In addition to the models that are installed on any tap, and that act by osmosis, we have other portable capsule sterilizers or UV water treatment bottles. Discover which one best suits your needs. Osmosis filter Ecological … Read more

Kitchen Super Scissors, multipurpose scissors

Kitchen Super Scissors review and opinions

If you like cooking, Kitchen Super Scissors will be your favorite purchase Kitchen Super Scissors are multipurpose scissors that have six different functions. Detachable to be able to convert them into the cutting tool you need, from knife to peeler, they will allow you to handle meat, fish or vegetables with ease. -50% in official … Read more