Managing Menstrual Pain: Tips and Tricks

Menstrual pain tips and triks

Learn to understand menstrual pain so you can combat it better Menstrual pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, is a common problem that many women face during their reproductive years. It refers to cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen that occurs just before or during a woman’s menstrual period. Different types of problems and discomforts can … Read more

Curing plantar fasciitis at home naturally is possible

Curar la fascitis plantar en casa de forma natural es posible

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you can cure it at home naturally Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition that appears on the bottom of the foot, in the so-called plantar fascia, which is a fibrous tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. The plantar fascia supports the arch … Read more

Qinux FlexiFix, night splint for plantar fasciitis

Qinux FlexiFis reviews and opinions

Don’t let the pain stop you. With Qinux FlexiFis relieves the pain of plantar fasciitis Qinux FlexiFis are orthopedic splints designed to support the plantar fascia, and at the same time stretch the tendons of the toes. Thanks to this support we can reduce the pain caused by fasciitis from the beginning and accelerate the … Read more

CoolCura, Feng Fu anti-stress method

CoolCura reviews and opinions

Relieve your stress and headache with CoolCura, the most modern Feng Fu method CoolCura is a neckband that incorporates a cold spot. This cold point slightly presses on the Feng Fu point of the neck, providing an ice effect highly recommended to relieve headaches, neck pain and stress. Official store Access here to buy How the … Read more

Compressa Knee, the crossfit knee brace

Compressa Knee reviews and opinions

Train without pain with Compressa Knee, the knee pad that best suits you Compressa Knee is a compression knee brace for playing sports or recovering from injuries. It is ideal for crossfit, cycling, running and even contact sports such as basketball or football. You will reduce wear and pain. Official store Access here to buy How … Read more

Qinux Tensiffy TENS device and EMS massager

Qinux Tensiffy reviews and opinions

The new Qinux Tensiffy brand offers you a TENS device at the best price Qinux Tensiffy is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and massage device for home use. That is, you can take it with you and use it to relieve any pain, both at home and wherever you are. Official store Access here to … Read more

EMS massager, pain relief tailored to everyone

EMS massager reviews and opinions

Nowadays everyone has an EMS massager at home, find out why An EMS massager, the acronym comes from (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), is a device used to stimulate different muscles by low-frequency electrical impulses. today there are all kinds, for feet, neck, knees or even for the whole body. What are EMS massagers for Until recently, … Read more

Fitnus, knee brace with the best protection

Fitnus knee reviews and opinions

If you need protection, the Fitnus knee pad is your best option Fitnus is a compressive knee brace that gives you stability when walking and running, and also protects your knees from blows. It is ideal for prolonging the life of your knees and for doing sports with less risk of injury. Official store Access here … Read more

Electrapy, EMS electric massager

Electrapy review and opinions

Relax and relieve pain with Electrapy, the most versatile EMS massager Electrapy is an electrostimulation massager (EMS) that is applied to the neck and back, you can also use it on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms or legs. Electrapy relaxes all your muscles and eliminates tension with a complete massage. … Read more

TheraGlove by Cloedar, the best compression gloves

TheraGlove review-and opinions

Move your hands without pain with TheraGlove, the new compressives TheraGlove by Cloedar are thermal gloves designed so that you can perform any activity with suture while they press on the key points of the joints of the hands, thus helping to prevent and alleviate joint pain. Official store Access here to buy How and when … Read more

Kailo Flex, the improved pain patches

Kailo Flex reviews and opinions

A new patch against pain, The Kailo Flex surprises with its effectiveness Kailo Flex is a patch for muscle pain with an advance in the design of the already known magnetic patches of this same brand. Thanks to a new, more flexible base, this new patch adapts much better to each curve of the body, … Read more