Managing Menstrual Pain: Tips and Tricks

Menstrual pain tips and triks

Learn to understand menstrual pain so you can combat it better Menstrual pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, is a common problem that many women face during their reproductive years. It refers to cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen that occurs just before or during a woman’s menstrual period. Different types of problems and discomforts can … Read more

Hilipert, the EPM neck massager

Hilipert neck massager reviews and opinions

Get a more effective neck massager with Hilipert and its EPM technology Hilipert brings us a neck massager with an Electronic Pulse Massage (EPM) system that improves the performance of other conventional neck massagers. This new system is more effective in relieving cervical pain and releasing neck and shoulder tension. Official store Access here to buy … Read more

ActiveCore Pro, EMS abdominal stimulator

ActiveCore Pro reviews and opinions

Do you want to show off perfect abs? ActiveCore Pro will help you ActiveCore Pro is a muscle stimulator for the abdominal area, which uses advanced EMS Technology. In addition, it uses a system of adjustable pads that by means of water are better attached to the waist, providing a more effective training. Official store Access … Read more

Qinux Tensiffy TENS device and EMS massager

Qinux Tensiffy reviews and opinions

The new Qinux Tensiffy brand offers you a TENS device at the best price Qinux Tensiffy is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and massage device for home use. That is, you can take it with you and use it to relieve any pain, both at home and wherever you are. Official store Access here to … Read more

EMS massager, pain relief tailored to everyone

EMS massager reviews and opinions

Nowadays everyone has an EMS massager at home, find out why An EMS massager, the acronym comes from (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), is a device used to stimulate different muscles by low-frequency electrical impulses. today there are all kinds, for feet, neck, knees or even for the whole body. What are EMS massagers for Until recently, … Read more

Footy Massager Carpet, EMS foot massage

Footy Massager Carpet, foot massage mat

Relaxing acupuncture with Footy Massager Carpet EMS wherever you go Footy Massager Carpet, the EMS foot massager, is an electric massage table for the soles of the feet, which presses the key areas of acupuncture to relax from the legs to the entire body, and alleviate everything kind of stress, both physical and mental. Relax … Read more

Electrapy, EMS electric massager

Electrapy review and opinions

Relax and relieve pain with Electrapy, the most versatile EMS massager Electrapy is an electrostimulation massager (EMS) that is applied to the neck and back, you can also use it on other parts of the body such as the abdomen, arms or legs. Electrapy relaxes all your muscles and eliminates tension with a complete massage. … Read more

Electric shoulder and neck massagers

Neck shoulder massager review and opinions

Relax your neck and shoulders with a good massager and forget your worries There are many forms of shoulder and neck massagers, from your corner physio to special mats, to electric ones, which have become the most popular due to their versatility and performance. In addition, they are increasingly complete and easy to use. A … Read more

PainGone Plus, pain relief TENS device

Paingone Plus review and opinions

If you are in pain, with PainGone Plus you can get relief quickly PainGone Plus is an innovative pencil that provides almost instant relief from muscle pain or pain caused by blows and injuries in virtually any part of the body. It works effectively and has no side effects. Official store Access here to buy Save … Read more

Qinux Kneessa, the best knee massager

Qinux Kneessa reviews and opinions

Keep your body active with Qinux Kneessa, and avoid knee pain Qinux Kneessa is the most complete electric knee massager, since it has heat functions at three different levels and vibration with adjustable massage intensities up to three intensities to tone, relieve or recover your knee. Official store Access here to buy How does the Qinux … Read more