Qinux Spypper Cam, spy camera detector

Qinux Spypper Cam review and opinions

Don’t be recorded, Qinux Spypper Cam detects all kinds of hidden cameras Qinux Spypper Cam allows you to detect any hidden camera model that may be recording you in public places or in closed rooms. Thanks to this professional tracker device, your privacy will be intact wherever you go. Official store Access here to buy Prevent … Read more

KarbWallet, anti-skimming wallet

Karbwallet review test and opinions

Safe money and cards with KarbWallet, the impenetrable wallet KarbWallet by Trimsher is a rigid wallet that will protect you from theft of data or your cards, and at the same time will keep your things organized and safe from getting wet, wrinkled, or bent. -50% in official store Full protection against skimming with the … Read more

Sonnotect, personal protection alarm keychain

Sonnotect review and opinions

Scare any attacker with Sonnotect, powerful alarm Sonnotect is a new self-defense alarm keychain design that, unlike other similar ones in its category, stands out for its design and allows you to intimidate any aggressor just by showing it. -50% in official store The ultimate self-defense keychain is the Sonnotect model After years of analyzing … Read more

Tagimal Wallet, the anti-loss wallet

Tagimal Wallet review and opinions

Money and documents always safe with Tagimal Wallet, the most secure wallet Tagimal Wallet is a wallet with an anti-loss Bluetooth locator that works connected to your smartphone, and has an alarm when you leave it anywhere, and an intelligent locator in case you lose it. -50% in official store With the Tagimal Wallet anti-loss … Read more

Anti-theft Bag, the safe backpack

Anti-Theft bag review and opinions

Keep your belongings safe with Anti-theft Bag, the backpack for travelers Anti-theft Bag is a spectacular anti-theft backpack model designed for any situation. With this new gadget you will have all your belongings safe whenever you move. It has an intelligent closing system and a steel-proof shell. -50% in official store The Anti-theft Bag brand … Read more

Hootie the original self defense alarm

Hootie reseñas y opiniones

Feel safe with Hootie, the patented personal alarm Hootie is a personal protection alarm manufactured and patented in the USA that is activated with a simple pull and that sounds powerfully alerting those around us of any danger we are in, from a robbery or an assault, to situations of people lost. -50% in official … Read more

BackXpack the largest anti-theft backpack

The new BackXpack anti-theft backpack is another evolution in comfort BackXpack is currently a new model of all-terrain backpack specially designed to adapt to all the needs of anyone at the level of carrying objects safely against theft, and at the same time providing a support that allows you to be connected at all times. … Read more

Flexsafe backpack anti-theft safe

Flexsafe backpack anti-theft safe reviews and opinions

Your belongings always safe with FlexSafe the total anti-theft backpack FlexSafe is the safest anti-theft backpack on the market. With a shock resistant combination lock that cannot be easily tampered with, and five layers of cut protection, radio frequency protection and totally waterproof, your belongings will always be safe. -50% in Official store The perfect … Read more

Best Personal Alarm Keychains

best portable anti-theft self protection personal alarm review and opinions

Self defense personal alarms type Smart Siren can save you from many dangers With portable self-defense personal alarms type Smart Siren, we can avoid dangers such as robberies, assaults, the loss of a child due to being lost, or even kidnappings, since there are more and more dangers and insecurity on the streets. You can … Read more