Qinux Drone K8, these are its updates for this year

Qinux Drone 4k reseñas y opiniones

Higher image quality with Qinux Drone K8, and improved flight control Qinux Drone K8 is a perfect starter quadcopter. In addition to a new wide-angle 4K camera and a bold, cheerful design full of small details that make it unique, it has new flight control and improved intelligent functions such as stabilizer or GPS routes. … Read more

DJI Mini 3, the cheapest 4K HDR drone

DJI Mini 3 reviews and opinions

Printing image with DJI Mini 3, the most versatile drone DJI Mini 3 is the drone from the well-known Shenzhen brand that offers you more and better features compared to drones in its category. With professional and easy-to-use applications, you can use it for whatever you need. -50% in official store Access here to buy Use … Read more

SkyHunterX, the F35 aerobatic RC plane

SkyHunterX reviews and opinions

Get the most fun flights with SkyHunterX, the F35 on a surprising scale SkyHunterX is a radio control airplane for children. This replica based on the F35 Lightning II is easy to handle, and allows you to perform stunts in the air with very high precision. You are before a drone to enjoy with your … Read more

Zega Drone, WR experiences at 4K

Zega Drone reviews and opinions

Fly and record non-stop with Zega Drone and its 4K Zega Drone is a quadcopter that offers you a very interesting price and a large number of reasons to buy it. From its 180º adjustable 4K camera, to its impressive function for virtual reality glasses that will leave you impressed. -50% in official store Avoid … Read more

Tactical Air Drone with 4K Camera

Tactic Air Drone review and opinions

Level up with the videos that Tactic Air Drone can record Tactic Air Drone is a quadcopter that has been conceived to film with greater precision than its competitors. Although its image quality is in 4K, the new camera control and stability systems will give you professional results. -50% in official store Manage the Tactic … Read more

Smarty Drone, remote control quadcopter

Smarty Drone review and opinions

360 degree flights with Smarty Drone, the acrobatic quadcopter Smarty Drone is a new quadcopter with 360º flight capability and a 4K camera that allows you to program flight routes, perfect handling from your smartphone and various types of intelligent flight ideal for beginners and experts. -50% in official store The best videos in motion … Read more

HyperDrone, with HD camera and GPS

XPro drone review and opinions

Greater power and flight autonomy with HyperDrone for the best videos HyperDrone is the new mid-size quadcopter designed to have better flight quality, greater autonomy and better performance than other devices in its class thanks to its integrated advances. It is definitely the older and improved brother of the Drone XPro. -50% in official store … Read more