Nexfan EVO AC, the low consumption air cooler

Nexfan EVO AC air cooler

Much more than an air cooler, Nexfan AC EVO will surprise you

Nexfan AC EVO is an all-in-one that has come to keep any room in your house fresh and with clean and humidified air and also at the lowest possible expense. Please read this review carefully before making any purchase.

Nexfan AC EVO air cooler reaches the levels of a mini air conditioner

Thanks to its large capacity in the tank, the power of the fan and the fact that it admits dry smell that allows increasing the power of the cold air, the Nexfan AC air cooler can be considered a mini air conditioner with low consumption.

Low consumption and cleaning filters the greatest attraction of Nexfan AC

Nexfan AC air cooler test
The Nexfan AC air filter allows you to clean and humidify the environment with total efficiency, and it cools the environment with little use of energy.

In addition to this, it can operate for up to twelve hours consecutively, which makes this device one of the most autonomous in its category.

Highlights of the Nexfan AC mini portable air

  • The cold air stream it generates is the most powerful in its category.
  • You can cool the environment of rooms up to 12 square meters.
  • Long-lasting, low-consumption battery lasts up to 12 hours without recharging.
  • In addition, you have filters that will clean the air in the room.
  • Although the design is not as elegant as the Glacier Air Cooler, it is modern and works anywhere.
  • You can use dry ice, and crushed ice, as well as scented water to have an air freshening effect.
  • The mechanism is completely smooth and free from annoying noises.
  • The power is 10V so it consumes less electricity than a common fan.
  • You have three ventilation speeds.
  • The air expulsion grille is fully mobile, so you can direct the air wherever you want.
  • The container is leak-proof and does not generate dripping by loss or by consensus.
  • The design is a bit simple, and you can find more decorative designs in the mini air coolers comparison.

Reasons to buy Nexfan EVO AC this summer of heat waves

  • If you want a correct hygiene of the aide appliance, you must clean and let the tank and the circuit dry on a regular basis.
  • This mini air cooler is a proprietary brand, make sure it has the name on the front and rejects imitations.
  • The air intakes are safe and do not represent a danger of injury to children or pets.
  • Make sure you buy the original product. On the front you will see the Nexfan AC brand written.
  • You can get spare parts in the official store, take a test to verify that the user experience is good.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and 50% of the price is maintained on all orders.
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%
  • Avoid Aliexpress and Amazon sellers at the time of buying Nexfan Evo if you can do it in the official store.

Review and opinions of the Nexfan AC mini portable air

I bought one, I have it at home, and the truth is that it is very good. It is not like an air conditioner, but for the nights in the rooms it is very valid. From June it really shows.

Nexfan AC the low consumption air cooler review and opinions

I like it a lot, it has a very big advantage, and that is that once charged, it does not need to be connected to the electrical network, so there are no overloads in the house circuit, and if there is a blackout it continues to work.

Nexfan AC the low consumption air cooler review and opinions
Art dealer

I have seen the review of the EVO and AC model and they both seem the same to me. In my experience, any test with the two products will give the same results.

Nexfan EVO AC the low consumption air cooler review and opinions
Truck driver

Nexfan AC air cooler test
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