MaxPhone, the smartphone at the best price for sale in UK,US and Australia

Maxphone review and opinions

We present the new MaxPhone, a smartphone within everyone’s reach MaxPhone is a new smartphone with Dual-SIM and expanded memory, which you can buy for just over €100 and which has all the features. With triple rear camera and front HD camera you can get the best photos and videos. Enjoy the best Android phone … Read more

Wi-Fi amplifiers, let’s see the best sellers of 2024

Wi-Fi booster, let's see the ones that really work

Maximum signal strength with the best WiFi booster on the market Wifi booster is the device we use to improve signal coverage in our home or business. It works by collecting the WiFi signal emitted by the main router to broadcast it at a greater distance. Do WiFi boosters really work? Currently there are state-of-the-art … Read more

Qinux Airgo, the best-selling mini air cooler in the UK, US and Australia

Qinux Airgo review and opinions

Pay less on your bill this summer with Qinux Airgo, much more than a fan Qinux Airgo is a mini air cooler with an air evaporation system, which is used to cool medium-sized rooms in a natural way. In addition to cooling the environment faster, it is the most economical alternative thanks to lower consumption … Read more

Energy Efficient Electric Heater, top sales 2024

Energy Efficient Electric Heater

Finding a low-energy heater is easy and cheap Low consumption heaters, the so-called energy efficiency heaters are those that will allow us to be warm this winter. Warmool Heater Pro X HeatBox Qinux Heatfy Features Reviews and opinions The technology of the silent low consumption heater Using a silent but powerful fan in the same … Read more

Best cheap robot vacuum cleaners 2024

Best cheap robot vacuum cleaner

Below €100, the best cheap robot vacuum cleaners on the market Cheap and good robot vacuum cleaner is one that you can buy for less than €100 and that also offers you acceptable quality features, and that also complies with all guarantees, both in after-sales service and customer service. Any of those shown in this … Read more

Best handheld car vacuums 2024

Mejores aspiradoras de mano para coche

Clean your car at will with cordless hand vacuums Handheld car vacuum cleaners without any cables are synonymous with comfort and savings. In addition to the fact that you will not need to travel every time you want to clean the interior of your vehicle, you will save on gasoline and coins with each cleaning. … Read more

Qinux DizaDry, the electric and portable shoe dryer

Qinux DizaDry reviews and opinions

Getting rid of bad odors with Qinux DizaDry is much easier Qinux DizaDry is an electric shoe dryer specially designed to ventilate your shoes from the inside with hot air and thus leave them dry with complete efficiency. It is ideal for times of year when rain and snow leave footwear wetter. Official store Access here … Read more

Qinux Beathix, the CO2 meter and air quality detector

Qinux Beathix reviews and opinions

Enjoy a clean environment with Qinux Beathix and improve your health Qinux Beathix is a CO2 and ambient ozone meter designed for the home and indoor spaces. Although it also works outdoors, its measurements are more accurate in closed places. It warns you in real time when the room’s atmosphere is very stuffy, so that … Read more