T10 Air Cooler, more efficient and cheap

T10 Air Cooler review and opinions

Spend a cooler summer with T10 Air Cooler, ecological air T10 Air Cooler is a new cooler with a tank that provides you with up to 8 hours of fresh and renewed air in any room in your home. In addition to helping you lower the temperature on hot days, you will avoid dry environments. … Read more

Nuvac, the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Nuvac review and opinions

Clean any corner with Nuvac, the lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner Nuvac is a powerful cordless mini vacuum cleaner that you can operate with one hand, and thanks to its brushless motor and high-performance suction, you can use it to remove dirt from any corner of your home or car. -50% in official store Save energy … Read more

Pestcop, pest repellent

Pestcop review and opinions

Your house free of pests with Pestcom, the ecological pesticide Pestcop is an ultrasound device that repels pests of all kinds of insects and small mammals such as rats. It works by emitting very low frequency sounds that are annoying to these animals, but harmless to people. -50% in official store Don’t harm the animals, … Read more

Heatly, cheap wall heater

Heatly review and opinions

Thanks to the price of the new Heatly, no one will be left without a heater Heatly is a low-consumption mini heater that adds to the list of those previously presented in this section, and although it does not differ from the rest due to its characteristics, it does stand out for having a lower … Read more

Slava Heater, the electric brazier

Slava Heater review and opinions

Do everything without getting cold with Slava Heater, the most manageable Slava Heater is one of the most versatile mini fireplace heaters, and one that best adapts to small rooms, forming part of the environment and providing constant heat with reduced power thanks to its 400W. -50% in official store Why buy the Slava Heater … Read more

EcoWarm Pro, flame heater

EcoWarm Pro review and opinions

Don’t miss out on the Ecowarm Pro model, the designer heater EcoWarm Pro is a plug-in mini electric heater, which looks like a traditional wood stove, or a mini fireplace, but it is really an electric device with internal heat conduction by air. -50% in official store Chimney effect with the Ecowarm Pro electric heater … Read more

Thermala Pro, heater design

Thermala Pro review and opinions

Sleep with the ideal climate thanks to Thermala, the perfect heater Thermala is a great innovation when it comes to energy efficient mini heaters. First of all, it is among the few that can provide A+ energy efficiency among those in its category, and that is thanks to its new thermal diffusion system that we … Read more

Omega Wi-Fi Amp, best signal booster

Omega WiFi Amp review and opinions

Make the most of your connection with Omega WiFi Amp, the total repeater Omega WiFi Amp is a new model of internet and telephone signal amplifier, which unlike the rest, expands instantly, without the need for installation and increases all types of data signal, thus increasing your coverage exponentially. -50% in official store What makes … Read more

SnapPower by GuideLights

Snap Power review and opinions

Light up your home with GuideLights SnapPower, the smart light GuideLights SnapPower is a smart security lighting system, which once installed automatically provides soft light in any darkened room. In addition to illuminating any area, it does not require bulbs or cables of any kind. -50% in official store Install GuideLights SnapPower wherever you want … Read more

EcoThermal, PTC heater

EcoThermal review and opinions

Heat and safety with the EcoThermal heater, the only one with 366-PTC EcoThermal is a new low consumption mini heater, which uses Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistors or also called PTC. This allows them to be safer against overheating, and at the same time, they allow a room to be heated much faster using less electricity. … Read more

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