Snortium Pro, I present to you the most comfortable anti-snoring chin device

Attention: I have written this review based on my real experiences and consulting the technical data with the official sales company after testing the product. The opinions and conclusions of both mine and third parties are real and at no time are they intended to influence your purchase decision.

Rest in silence with Snortium Pro, and let your partner rest

Snortium Pro is the innovative anti-snoring device for the chin that activates when you snore and emits a small vibration. Without waking up, you will move to a position in which you do not snore, so that your body will educate itself to stop snoring.

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Snortium Pro, reviews and opinions
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How the Snortium Pro anti-snoring device works

First of all, we must learn to put the device on so that it works correctly. You simply have to place the Snortium Pro anti-snoring device under your chin and adjust it comfortably. Then activate it and when you snore the device will readjust your position.

Get rid of sleep apnea problems with the Snortium Pro anti-snoring device

This device is an improvement on the splints that were used in the past. Instead of acting on the jaw, correcting its position, the Snortium Pro anti-snoring device performs a small massage that relaxes the jaw position, so that it returns to a natural position.

When an anti-snoring device like Snortium Pro is so easy to use, you forget about everything

The classic stop snoring clips can be uncomfortable and fiddly to fit, and the mouthpieces move more than the reviews tell you about. Snortium Pro wraps around your chin area like a hug and is so comfortable that you don’t notice it.

Placing the new Snortium Pro anti-snoring device will allow you to sleep better

Snortium Pro review and opinions
When you only have to place the headbands around your ears, and the Snortium Pro anti-snoring device under your chin with the intensity you choose, all that remains is to enjoy the silence.

In addition to this, there is a complete manual on how to use it depending on your needs, but it is so simple and intuitive that you may not need it. It does not require specialized training in sleep apnea.

Features and advantages of the Snortium Pro chin guard

In case you are not sure if this is the model of device to stop snoring that suits you, before buying, we show you all the data provided by the manufacturers and official suppliers in their reviews:

  • Multi-night battery life, USB rechargeable.
  • In addition, the battery is completely safe, free of low frequency radiation.
  • Zero radiation to your body, even if you wear the device close to your face, it is harmless.
  • Adjustable and elastic straps that are attached so that the device is attached to the chin.
  • Various massage intensities by electromagnetic impulses.
  • When the device detects snoring, it performs a small massage that helps the jaw to return to its natural place.
  • One of the best alternatives to splints for sleep apnea, because it does not force the jaw.
  • If your problem is nasal, the best option is ZQuiet, the best mouthpiece anti-snoring currently.
  • Portable, it’s perfect for travel, and even use it on the go if you sleep and don’t want to snore.
  • Three different intensities, none of which will wake you up or affect the quality of your sleep, quite the opposite.
  • When you use it for between 15 and 20 consecutive days, your neck begins to adapt and you need it less and less, until you stop snoring for good.
  • No adverse effects, does not cause neck or ear pain.
  • Ranked among the anti-snoring devices best sellers this semester.
  • If you also use an ergonomic pillow, your respiratory tract posture will improve by 90% and your snoring will be reduced.
  • It has no side effects nor leaves marks on the skin, in case of redness you should adjust the device more gently.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has legal tax identification and makes direct sales by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are maintained 100%
  • If you have doubts about the product, do your research before placing an order and do not buy anything until you are sure that it fits what you are looking for.
  • In case of problems with your purchase, please retain your order number. We can help you at with any of the online stores.

Our final evaluation of the Snortium Pro chin guard

For those who find mouthpieces and nose clips annoying, this may be an alternative solution. Like other devices of this type, most users stop snoring while using them, although not 100%.

Conclusions and opinions of the author of the review of the device to stop snoring Snortium Pro

You can ensure that it works, both in men and women because I have done the tests. The device fits well, and although it didn’t bother me, my partner found it a bit cumbersome until he got used to it. It is a good buy in my opinion.

Reviews and opinions of the snoring device for the chin Snortium Pro

My husband sounds like a trombone, or rather did. Some time ago we started trying different devices, nasal strips, tweezers, and in the end we tried the massager under the jaw and it has worked well for us.

buy Snortium Pro reviews and opinions

For those who cannot enjoy the wonderful experiences of sleeping without discomfort, I recommend that you give your partner one of these devices to stop snoring. With this your rest and your life will change radically.

buy Snortium Pro reviews and opinions

buy Snortium Pro reviews and opinions
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3.6 /5
Based on 3 ratings

Reviewed by 3 users

    • 2 weeks ago

    It doesn’t do anything to me. I bought it to try it and it’s money wasted. It vibrates, but when I’m sleeping I don’t notice or the device doesn’t detect my snoring. In the end I wake up because it bothers me and I have a bad night.

    • 2 months ago

    The first few days it is somewhat annoying, I couldn’t adjust it well and it woke me up every so often, to the point that I almost put it away so as not to use it again.
    In the end I gave it another chance and in a week I ended up getting used to it. But it’s still a little annoying to me.
    That said, I have stopped snoring at night.

    • 2 months ago

    I have tried several mouthpieces of this type and the truth is that I like this particular model the most because you can set the distance that is most comfortable for you.
    In a few days it stopped disturbing my sleep and works the same as other mouthpieces from well-known brands.

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