Android Tv the best smart tv box

android tv new smart tv box reviews and opinions

Review and opinions of tv box Android TV, official product

Android TV is a box with a processor that allows us to convert any conventional TV into a smart TV. It has a quad-core CPU with the latest pre-installed Android system, which allows you to broadcast all multimedia content to any television.

What can I do with this Android TV box?

Once you have turned your television into smart TV, you can do anything through Android TV box.

Android tv the best smart tv box review and opinions
With Android TV you can play 4k videos, attend series and streaming movies. In addition to this you can play video games and see photos with this smart tv box.

All this without additional payments. In conclusion it is the best system to have a smart TV.

How does best smart tv box AndroidTV work?

You just have to connect the Android box to any television, connect to the internet, and use the firestick to navigate. It also has voice control on the remote with which you can search on Google, Bing, ask.

AndroidTV features

  • High-speed quad-core CPU.Process the data at high speed.
  • Compatible with any video format, even 4K.
  • Latest version of Android installed. In addition to this you can install and access any application.
  • It is easily disassembled and transported. You can have the best smart tv anywhere.
  • Compatible with any means of reproduction. Netflix, Youtube, HBO, DZN, Disney Channel and many more.
  • Remote control with voice manager.
  • Allows you to use the TV to play games, watch series, movies and surf the Internet, as one more peripheral.
  • Compatible with 4K TV Amplifier Super Smartwave Antenna.

android tv new smart tv box reviews

Android TV Box reviews and opinions

It works great for me. It is in conclusion the best entertainment station that I have bought.

Android TV best TV Box  price reviews and opinions

Now I have a smart TV wherever I want thanks to Android TV. I can do what I want in a few minutes. Even at the hotel when I travel. I recommend it after reviewing it.

Android TV best TV Box  price reviews and opinions
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