Blofè, the bamboo silk pillowcase

Blofè Pillow Case, reviews and opinions

Recover the vitality of your hair, the Blofè pillowcase is the ideal solution

The Blofè pillowcase is one of the most sought after bedding this year. It is made up of a bamboo fabric coated with silver ions that provide additional comfort to your rest at night, and also takes care of your health and that of your hair.

Sleep better thanks to the softness of Blofè pillowcases

The bamboo fabric is very soft, and does not adhere to the skin, so it breathes better at night. In addition, the silver ion layer has an antibacterial and anti-allergenic function, so that with the Blofè pillowcase you will sleep without being overheated and without sneezing, rubbing, etc.

The main function of the Blofè pillowcase is to protect your hair

Blofè Pillow Case review and opinions
Sleeping on bamboo silk is about much more than comfort. Unlike cotton, this fabric does not absorb moisture from your hair, so using the Blofè pillowcase you will always wake up with hydrated and fluffy hair.

In addition to this, one of its greatest advantages is that there is almost no friction between the fabric and your hair, so you will lose much less hair in your daily life.

Features and advantages of the Blofè pillowcase

  • Lined in bamboo silk fabric that provides greater ventilation, so you sweat less when sleeping.
  • Ideal for people who wake up tired or with insomnia.

  • Totally hypoallergenic materials that do not accumulate dust mites or other agents that cause allergies.
  • Adaptable design that is comfortable when sleeping on your side or back, avoiding neck and cervical pain.
  • One of the qualities of bamboo silk is that it does not generate static electricity.
  • Less friction, thus preserving the health of the hair, which translates into less hair loss.
  • Silver ion coating that provides antimicrobial protection.
  • Your hair will be cleaner and much less greasy for longer.
  • Silvadur™ technology that provides greater health to your hair and the skin of your face.
  • If you use it with the Derila cervical pillow you will have the perfect rest.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days of return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Customer service

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  • Support and returns email:
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Our final review of the Blofè bamboo silk pillowcase

Bamboo silk is one of the most valued fabrics for sleeping in recent times. Not only for their comfort, but also for the multiple benefits they bring us. In addition to better preserving our hair, it is ideal for people with allergies, sensitive skin and very restless when sleeping.

Conclusions and opinions of the reviewer of the Blofè Silvadur™ pillowcase

I can assure you that it is very comfortable. The truth is that you sleep great with these pillowcases. Additionally, for those of us who sleep on our sides, and who therefore have part of our face in contact with the fabric for longer, it provides us with a rewarding and restorative experience.

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