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Next, you have at your disposal this excellent pressure pipe unblocker from the Qinux brand. It is very easy to use, if you want to learn how, keep reading as I explain it to you.

Qinux Dessatex, reviews and opinions

How to detect a blockage in a pipe?

There are several signs that reveal a clogged pipe. They usually go from less to more, and as the traffic jam becomes more serious, the health problems in your home increase. These are the most common signs to detect problems in the passage of water:

  1. First of all, bad odors caused by accumulated decomposing remains.
  2. Second, water flows more slowly down the drain.
  3. Finally, the pipes do not drain, in the case of the toilet, when flushing the feces can return.

How to unclog a pipe by pressure?

The process is very simple, with a pressure plunger the gap of the clogged pipe is sealed and pressurized air is injected which pushes the dirt freeing the blockage.

Learn how to remove remaining dirt particles

Once the initial clog is removed, it is important to clean out any remaining sediment to prevent it from forming again. Using a bucket or two of very hot water, you can break up and remove the vast majority of dirt that may remain.

What is Dessatex from Qinux and why use it?

Qinux Dessatex is a pressure unblocker for pipes of all types. It is designed to be used in the toilet, sink or any other drain in the home. It does not need electricity and is very easy to use.

How does Qinux Dessatex work?

The mechanism is very simple, you just have to boost the pressure of the device using a manual pump. Then fit the outlet nozzle into the pipe, and finally release the compressed air. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

Advantages of the Qinux Dessatex pipe unblocker

I have chosen this device to clean home pipes over others for various reasons. I explain them to you below.

Qinux Dessatex, unclogs the sink and sink

Very easy to use on the sink and sink

As you don’t need cables, you can find the most comfortable position to fit the device in any sink or basin and be able to send pressurized air as many times as you need.

In addition, it does not consume electricity, since the internal compressor is mechanical and you only need to press the button to release all the air with each use.

Qinux Dessatex, unclogs the toilet

Effective with the toilet

Thanks to its conical and flexible head, Qinux Dessatex fits well at the entrance of the toilet, so you can apply pressure on the blockage more effectively.

In addition, thanks to the fact that it almost completely closes any water outlet towards you, you will avoid unpleasant splashes when you are removing the obstruction.

Qinux Dessatex, protects pipes

Does not damage pipes

Another of the great advantages of this pressure plunger is that you can load the compressor to exert a force of up to six kilos. In this way, you can eliminate the blockage with minimal compression on your pipes.

In addition, the thrust of the device is effective even in elbows and traps in the pipe circuit, so you can unclog them even if the problem is difficult to access.

Technical characteristics of Qinux Dessatex

  • Suction cup head for sinks and other flat surfaces.
  • For the toilet you have a conical head that prevents air leaks.
  • Ergonomic handle for more comfortable and easy handling.
  • Up to six kilos of pressure that is released when you press the button.
  • Without cables and without electricity. You just have to increase the compressor pressure with a manual pump.
  • The device works with curved circuits.
  • To later remove the residual dirt caused by the blockage, I recommend using the electric brush Synoshi for its speed and effectiveness.

Where it is advisable to buy Qinux Dessatex

The official store is the only one that will offer you the real product, without imitations. On the buy buttons I will always send you the real seller. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

Customer service

  • Hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : English
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : Hebrew
  • +34 932 20 07 80 : German
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : Spanish
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : French
  • Support email: support@ecomgroupteam.com
  • Price list with discounts included

    Before entering, let things be clear. Don’t pay more than it costs. This is the official price list for Qinux Dessatex once the discounts have been applied.

    1. 1 unit €79.95 applying the 50% discount.
    2. 2 units €129.95 applying the 62% discount.
    3. 3 units €169.95 applying the 67% discount.
    4. 5 units €229.95 applying the 69% discount.

Pressure Pipe Unclog FAQ

Can I use it on all pipes?

In principle yes, both in PVC, lead or aluminum installations. There is only a risk of breaking a pipe joint if it is damaged or incorrectly placed.

What types of jams can I solve?

From food remains to toilet paper, plugs formed by sediments such as soap, hair, etc. On the other hand, if the obstruction is made up of more solid elements such as wipes or paper balls, it is advisable to call a plumber.

How to download the instructions in my language?

Most products have instructions in different languages, but sometimes they only come in English. To download or request instructions in your language, I have created a manual from which I explain the process.

Can I return it if I don’t like it?

Obviously yes. You have 14 days of right of withdrawal by law depending on which country it can be up to 30 days.

Do I have a purchase guarantee?

As a consumer you will always be protected. If you receive a product in poor condition or it breaks before the two-year warranty period you can request a repair, money back or exchange.

How do I make a claim?

First of all, always save emails with your order number. Take photos of the product, even a video when you unpack it. If the product does not work you should contact the company’s contact telephone number or email .

What do I do if I complain and they ignore me?

In these cases I always advise requesting a refund from the payment entity.

In case of delays, or if you need information about returns, product changes, request for user manuals or any query, We have direct contact with online stores. You can write to us at help@youneedthisgadget.com and we will try to resolve your questions. Remember that we will NEVER ask you for any personal information, we will simply transfer you to the corresponding section of each store.

My final assessment of Qinux Dessatex

I have used this device a couple of times and it hasn’t been bad at all. It doesn’t splash, works well and is simple. For very old installations on the other hand, I advise you to dismantle the pipes and clean by hand.

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