Colour health kit thermometer blood pressure and oxygen monitor

colour healt kit medical kit

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Colour Healt Kit is a kit of thermometer tensiometer and oximeter, products intended to measure health, and the most basic symptoms such as temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen. This gadget is made for use in adults and children, this is in conclusion ideal health station for use by the whole family.

Ear thermometer, accurate and easy to use

The health kit has a highly accurate ear thermometer suitable for all ages, from children to the seniors. It is not necessary to add any degree when taking the temperature to the ear with this type of thermometer, because it is of high precision.

Colour health kit with wrist blood pressure monitor

This great medical kit also has a wrist blood pressure meter that will be of great help to those who want to control their tension. In addition to this, they may check periodically and monitor blood pressure accurately because it lets you save the measurements and consult throughout the day.

Colour healt kit thermometer blood pressure and oxygen monitor
Also, is the best wrist blood pressure monitor to buy in its categorie.

You can easily calibrate the wrist blood pressure monitor to any family member, and take the measures you need for each person individually.

Oximeter the last element in Colour healt Kit

The pulse oximeter is the other measuring device in this medical kit that will be very useful. Perform blood oxygen measurement by inserting your finger into the device with great accuracy.

Medical colour health kit features

  • Kit consisting of Oximeter, thermometer and tensiometer included.
  • All devices have the necessary security certificates and have passed all the relevant controls.
  • All three devices have a professional level of precision and guarantee exact measurements.
  • Easily transportable, and can be used anywhere.
  • All data can be saved, allows you to have a medical history of each family member.
  • It can be calibrated instantly for any person and age.
  • Easy to use, in addition to this all the devices are of great precision.
  • Buying the three items separately costs more than double than buying the entire medical kit together.
  • This medical kit is an ideal home gadget even if no one is sick, as it avoids many tests.

Medical Colour health kit reviews

I carry it everywhere. Thanks to this medical kit you can see the health status of my parents with great accuracy at the moment.

Medical Colour health kit reviews and opinions

I am delighted. Because it can be taken anywhere, I can travel with my family without fear of not knowing if they are all well.

Medical Colour health kit reviews and opinions
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