Energy Efficient Electric Heater

Energy efficient portable heater, reviews and opinions

Finding a low-energy heater is easy and cheap

Low consumption heaters, the so-called energy efficiency are those that will allow us to be warm this winter. If they are also silent, much better. Any of the products in this comparison are in the top this year. Choose the one you want.

The technology of the silent low consumption heater

Using a silent but powerful fan in the same device, and a heating system based on ceramic grids allows you with little power consumption to obtain a low consumption heater that works with 500W to 600W and heats rooms up to 12-15 square meters.

This is our list of energy efficient heaters

Energy efficient heater Warmool, reviews and opinions

Warmool, silent 500W mini heater

For small rooms and offices, this energy efficient electric heater is ideal, it heats medium-sized rooms quickly and with very little energy consumption..

In addition to this, it is decorative and very functional, since it adapts to bathrooms and you can take it wherever you want.

energy efficient heater Heater Pro X, reviews and opinions

Heater Pro X,the most versatile mini heater

Among all the air conditioners in this review, the Heater Pro X model is the most complete energy efficient electric heater, with intelligent, programmable temperature control and only 600W..

In addition to this, its Instaheat technology allows you to heat rooms of up to 12-15 meters in a short time.

energy efficient heater energética HeatBox, reviews and opinions

HeatBox, efficient and decorative heater

With features very similar to the Warmool low-consumption heater, this 500W device has more modern and youthful lines in its design..

In addition to this, you can program the pause time and its anti-moisture filter is perfect for the bathroom.

portable energy efficient Mini Heater, reviews and opinions

Mini Heater, 50W mini portable heater

This model is the youngest of energy efficient heaters, ideal for small rooms or the office desk, it heats and spends very little..

In addition to this, you can program it up to 12 hours to use it in the rooms at bedtime.

How to make your energy Efficient Electric Heater profitable, and everything you need to know

  • Take advantage of online stores that offer discounts for second and third units.
  • First of all, always try to have the rooms well insulated with doors and windows.
  • Calculate the size of the room, in large rooms better energy efficiency is achieved by using two 500V heaters than one 1000V heater.
  • Remember that A+ and above are considered to have low energy consumption.
  • Set the temperature to pause at 24º or 25º, depending on the humidity of the air.
  • Heats the bathroom before you shower, and stops the appliance while you shower.
  • In rooms with children, use only safe devices, and always place them out of their reach.
  • Humidify rooms regularly, a less dry environment promotes better heating.
  • The manufacturer must comply with all consumer regulations and guarantee both the return, repair or exchange of the product in case of deterioration.
  • Below 35 decibels, a heater is considered quiet.
  • Schedule the time of use when you go to sleep, the intermediate hours of sleep if you have the right clothes and blankets it is not necessary to heat a room.
  • You can check the review of Heater Pro X, Warmool, HeatBox, or Mini Heater on its authorized pages and the official website of the brands.
  • Finally, we invite you to visit our section with the comparison of the best portable ceramic heaters.
  • Warning: Never cover these appliances to dry clothes or with any other type of wet clothing.
  • Cleaning the dust from the air inlet frequently will prevent bad odors and improve the efficiency of the appliance.

Reviews and opinions about energy-saving heaters

This winter will be hard because of the electricity bill. Any energy efficient appliance will be welcome. I am going to buy a pair. In addition, nowadays they usually last several years.

Energy Efficient Electric Heater

Heating the room in the house can be very expensive with the wrong appliance. I have started by buying sealing rubber for doors and windows, in my experience it makes stoves more effective.

Energy Efficient Electric Heater
House painter

There are very interesting brands on the market, which, in addition to not making noise, heat very well. In my case, I prefer fan heaters for the living room and ceramic plates for the bathroom.

Energy Efficient Electric Heater

Disclaimer: All reviews and opinions are based on the data provided by the different official heater brands, and the degree of noise to determine if they are silent is stipulated by the manufacturer.