Better Butts Bidet, the best shower for your toilet

Better Butts Bidet, reviews and opinions

Saving time and money with Better Butts Bidet is very easy

Better Butts is an installable Bidet for the toilet that allows any user to clean themselves in a simple and much more hygienic way than with conventional paper. It is also more ecological and will save you a lot of money.

Avoid blockages in your pipes thanks to Better Butts Bidet

While it goes without saying that you shouldn’t flush wipes down the drain, some people do. Most clogs in pipes are due to the accumulation of wipes or toilet paper. With Better Butts Bidet you will not need more paper and therefore you will not generate jams.

Help keep the planet cleaner with Better Butts Bidet

Better Butts Bidet review and opinions
According to “USA Today”, the average American household. (2.6 people) uses about 409 rolls a year. In Spain, about 17 kg of paper are estimated per year. With Better Butts Bidet you can save up to 90% of that toilet paper consumption.

In addition to this, not only will we stop throwing paper into the sea, but also, by consuming a smaller amount, it will not be necessary to cut down so many trees.

Features and advantages of the Better Butts self-installable bidet

  • It does not require a battery or electrical connection of any kind. It works with the pressure of running water.
  • Easy to install. You don’t need extensive knowledge of plumbing or DIY.
  • On the other hand, you should at least know how to use the tools.
  • Universal installation, fits 99.9% of toilets, according to the manufacturers’ review.
  • Mouthpiece with adjustable angle that adapts to anyone.
  • Automated hygienic nozzle that cleans itself.
  • For better maintenance, in places with a lot of lime in the water it is advisable to carry out a pass of vinegar or another anti-limescale agent from time to time.
  • The device uses running water, which you can also regulate in intensity.
  • Along with the Hai smart shower is one of the most used devices in the bathroom.
  • In winter, to not have so much impression with the water, the Bathroom heaters can be an excellent option.
  • Finally, you can complement your bathroom with the scale Qinux SlimWeit
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days of return without obligation
  • Free delivery worldwide.
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Our final evaluation of the Better Butts Bidet hygienic toilet shower

Very good device for those people who want to save on space, paper consumption and who prefer to clean with water. It is perfect for all types of people and requires no maintenance. There should be one in every home.

Conclusions and opinions of the Better Butts Bidet review author

It certainly installs very easily. The device sprays water with the necessary pressure to clean you whenever you need it. In winter, also, if you have plumbing knowledge, you can install it so that the water comes out warm and thus not get cold.

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