Explore Air drone with angular HD camera

Explore Air drone with camera HD 90 degree reviews and opinions

The new drone with more power and better image is Explore Air

Explore Air is a state-of-the-art drone that brings improvements at a technological and component level. With this new quadcopter you can take high-quality photos and videos and its great maneuverability, fun and spectacular flights.

Why is Explore Air a different drone?

This new mini elicopter model, in addition to carrying an HD quality camera like the Drone X Pro, incorporates technical innovations for video recording and photo taking, such as the angular control of the image, which allows you to move the HD camera up to 90º on the sides.

The best video and photo sessions with this drone

In addition to this, Explore Air has a stability control and a wide-angle lens, which together with excellent autonomy, allows you to take photos and videos that are a sight to behold.

Explore Air drone with return GPS
Explore Air’s new processor drone is one of the most advanced enhancements for quality photos

It is surely one of the best equipped quadcopters that we will find in 2020.

GPS return system to avoid losing the drone

Explore Air has an intelligent return system to the departure point in order not to lose the drone. It also has the new Follow me technology, which allows the device to follow the user on the move and thus record some really impressive videos.

Features of the Explore Air Quadcopter

  • New stability processor that helps you get better photos.
  • Follow me system easy to use and reliable.
  • Mobile camera support up to 120º for greater image angle.
  • Made with materials more resistant to knocks and falls.
  • Versatile, simple, intuitive and very light remote control.
  • Flight autonomy of up to 15 minutes.
  • Drone with HD camera that allows selfies from incredible angles.
  • It can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet, both Android, iOS or Windows Phone, no matter the operating system.
  • According to the opinions of specialty stores its benefits are to the level of the Drone X Pro.
  • In addition to the best price, ranked among the best technological gift gadgets for men this year.

Explore Air reviews and opinions

It is a very good drone, I bought it and it resists falls very well. Stability control is very accurate too

Explore Air the drone with HD camera at the best price now in this review
Commercial in chemistry

It is one of the best drones I have seen in its price range. The Follow Me system is cool and you can do really good things with it. In addition, the image of the HD camera is very stable and sharp when taking photos and videos.

Explore Air the drone with HD camera at the best price now in this review
Agricultural Engineer
Explore Air drone with return gps and camera angular HD review and opinions
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Explore Air the drone with HD angular camera ideal for photography you can buy from this Review Explore Air at half price.
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