FIXD engine diagnostic tool

FIXD engine diagnostic tool reviews and opinions

Your engine always ready with FIXD and its instant diagnosis

FIXD is a direct car engine diagnostic tool. It works with all types of vehicles and allows you to know the state of the engine at all times in very easy to read reports that are displayed directly on your mobile phone.

Detect any breakdown instantly with FIXD

One of the great advantages of the FIXD engine diagnostic tool is that it detects faults in real time. Thanks to this, you will be able to know at all times if the engine is overheating, if any level fails of water or oil, if the filters are clean and even if a sensor shows a reading that is cause for alarm.

The easiest engine checking with FIXD

buy FIXD engine diagnostic tool reviews and opinions
Installing the FIXD Engine Diagnostic Tool is as simple as inserting the device into the vehicle’s port and pairing it with the smartphone.

On the other hand, it works with any vehicle manufactured after 1996 and the APP is compatible with any operating system.

Main Features of the FIXD Engine Diagnostic Tool

  • Compatible with all makes and models of vehicles manufactured after 1996.
  • Can be used to check multiple vehicles at the same time.
  • It is very easy to install and use.
  • The APP is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, it works on any phone or tablet.
  • The reports are very clear and easy to read, it does not require technical knowledge to understand it.
  • Detects all levels of the engine, water, oil, etc..
  • It also detects if a filter needs to be changed.
  • Additionally to this, it detects any information that can be obtained from the engine sensors.
  • Initial scan can take about 45-60 seconds, then output data continuously.
  • It is necessary to work with the device and the vehicle’s engine running.
  • It does not need a battery, it is self-powered from the car port.
  • All car diagnostics issued by this device arrive in real time alerts, are approved and are totally reliable. Millions of satisfied users can’t be wrong.
  • One of this year’s best-selling car gadgets.
  • The FIXD APP is available in all languages and is installed in the language of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Rated among the best fuel-savers that workamong all competitors.
  • 100% money-back guarantee and up to 30 days of withdrawal.

FIXD Engine Diagnostic Device Review test and Opinions

It works really well, and is highly recommended if you take long road trips. Thanks to this device it is more difficult to get stuck due to a breakdown, and you save money on mechanic reviews..

FIXD car diagnostic tool review and opinions

For my work it is very important to know the status of the engine in real time. If you have an indication of a breakdown, you will take the car to the workshop first and you will avoid repairing when it is bigger. I think it’s a very good invention.

FIXD car diagnostic tool review and opinions
Taxi driver

I am very fond of mechanics, and I bought this same device. I am finding small problems in my car and in those of my friends that we now solve in advance avoiding major breakdowns.

FIXD car diagnostic tool review and opinions
buy FIXD engine diagnostic tool reviews and opinions
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