Foamatic, the automatic soap dispenser

foamatic automatic soap dispenser

All about Foamatic the most hygienic automatic liquid dispenser

Foamatic is an automatic soap dispenser designed to serve foam soap without direct contact with the machine.

It works by means of a sensor, which reads the hands when passing under the tap, and which activates the motor that dispenses soap turned into foam directly, without touching the machine.

Why use an automatic soap dispenser?

foamatic review automatic soap dispenser
The automatic soap dispenser Foamatic is the ideal solution to wash our hands without touching any surface.

This prevents us from leaving any bacteria or viruses on the surfaces, and prevents us from picking them up from other people.

An automatic soap dispenser for everyone

For these reasons, the automatic soap dispenser is essential in places frequented by people, such as businesses or public places. In addition to this, and with the current problems, it is advisable to have it at home for greater family security.

Features of the Foamatic automatic soap dispenser

  • Intelligent sensor that activates the supply of soap
  • Motor with mixer effect, turns soap into foam, saving doses.
  • Zero contact guaranteed, maximum hygiene.
  • Based in our review powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Small and easy to carry, it can be used anywhere.
  • One of the best smart home gadgets this year.

An automatic soap dispenser makes a great home gift and an ideal hygienic tool for any public business. By following this review, you can see that you have great options to get it right if you use it both for the family and to provide a service to your customers.

Foamatic automatic soap dispenser reviews and opinions

I bought one for the workshop and one for the house, and we use them a lot. The children have gotten used to it, it is much cleaner and there are no drips in the sink.

Foamatic automatic soap dispenser reviews and opinions
Electrical technician

I have one automatic soap dispenser with disinfectant alcohol in the door of the store for customers, and another one in the bathroom. It is very useful, and in these days when people pay more attention to hygiene, much more. I recommend it if you have business to the public.

Foamatic automatic soap dispenser reviews and opinions
Foamatic automatic soap dispenser review and opinions
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