Gear Airbuds Pro wireless headphones 5.0

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Always communicated when you isolate yourself with Gear Airbuds Pro the total headphones

Gear Airbuds Pro are the new latest generation bluetooth headphones that will surprise you with their design and performance from the beginning. In addition to being able to enjoy more than 4 hours of uninterrupted operation and without noise, you can answer calls with total clarity.

Total control of calls with the new Gear Airbuds microphone

One of the great advantages of these wireless headphones is their touch control panel, which allows you to answer calls directly without touching the phone. In addition, thanks to the Gear Airbuds Bluetooth 5.0, communication will always be clear even 15 meters from the terminal.

Any noise-free sound with the new wireless headphones

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The new silicone heads of the Gear Airbuds wireless headphones snap into the walls of the ear without letting a single noise enter.

In addition to this, up to six sets of replacement heads can be purchased to last for years with us.

Main features of the Gear Airbuds wireless headphones


  • Antiallergic and Sudfor repellent silicone head, very comfortable to wear.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 that allows better communications and at a greater distance.
  • Multi-function touch panel that will allow you full control while on the move.
  • Built-in microphone, will allow you to make and answer calls.
  • Long battery life, with more than 4 hours of autonomy per charge.
  • The headphones are available in black, pink, blue, white or green.
  • You can buy additional replacement heads at a very low price, in black or white and combine them as you like. like them.
  • It is an ideal gift for these dates, both for men and women of all ages. Lots of multiple units cause the price to be greatly reduced.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide.

Reviews and opinions of the Gear Airbuds headphones

They have a great fixation, I usually do sports with them on and they don’t fall, not running, or mountain biking, or in any way.

Gear Airbuds modern design wireless earbuds review and opinions

The design is very beautiful, I have the pink headphone model, and I have combined it with the black heads, they look incredible. They also sound great, I recommend them because the test has been very good.

Gear Airbuds modern design wireless earbuds review and opinions
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