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Hotix Pro is the new low-consumption ceramic mini heater specially designed to heat small rooms in a few minutes. It is totally portable and can be carried and used anywhere quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of the Hotix Pro low consumption portable heater

It is very small and light, it fits in any backpack, and can be carried anywhere. With 500V it can heat small rooms very quickly, and keep the temperature that we set between 15º and 32º. As the power is so low, the consumption of the Hotix Pro mini portable heater is very low, which will allow a very large electricity saving in the long term.

Very easy to use, this portable ceramic heater will make your life easier

Hotix Pro low consumption ceramic personal portable mini heater
The Hotix Pro energy efficient ceramic heater can be used anywhere, it is programmable and portable, has a remote control and has a versatile smart temperature sensor.

In addition to this, being ceramic, and thanks to its design, it is highly resistant to humidity and therefore ideal for the bathroom.

Features of the Hotix Pro portable energy efficient heater

  • It is very easy to clean, you only need a damp cloth and cleaning with the device turned off.
  • The device operation is very quiet, and as efficient as thermal emitters.
  • The heater is very easy to use and program, but it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of children.
  • High efficiency heat with low power consumption of 500V.
  • Vapor and moisture resistant insulation.
  • Smart thermostat to stabilize temperatures between 15º and 32º.
  • When it reaches the desired temperatures it stops and reactivates when the room drops back to colder levels.
  • It works without a battery, it can be connected directly to the power outlet.
  • It allows programming the connected time up to 8 hours.
  • Remote control for a more comfortable use.
  • With two units of Hotix Pro, you can heat large rooms at very low energy cost.
  • European and American connectors, accepts any type of plug.
  • Anti-tip system that avoids any fire hazard if the appliance falls.
  • It has all the CE and US energy efficiency certificates.
  • Ranked among the best energy efficient mini portable heaters for this year.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Reviews and opinions of the Hotix Pro energy efficient mini heater

It’s very good, I have one and I use it in the living room and in the bathroom. Heats up fast and stays warm afterwards. I think it’s a very good purchase for how small it is.

Graphic designer

These devices heat very well, but it is very important to have good insulation on doors and windows. I recommend you put rubber bands of these adhesives that stop the air currents and mats on the doors. You will save even more electricity.

Hotix Pro low consumption USB ceramic personal portable mini heater review and opinions
Chemical engineer

One of the advantages that I have seen is that the heat does not come out towards the back, to the wall where I plug it in. For being small, it is quite good and the advantage is that it can be carried around and used in the office, especially if you are cold.

Hotix Pro low consumption USB ceramic personal portable mini heater review and opinions
Hotix Pro low consumption ceramic personal portable mini heater
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