Hyper360 the 360 camera for your smartphone

hyper360 the immersive video virtual reality 360 camera

Enjoy the most brutal videos with the Hyper360 minicam in 360 degrees

Hyper360 is the 360 camera for smartphones and tablets that will allow you to take panoramic photos and record high-quality VR videos anywhere.

This camera is really light. It adapts to any device via a USB Type-C port and also a micro USB input.Its spherical shape allows you to take 360 photos as well as videos. Its 3k and 2k quality for photo and video respectively, and its affordable price makes it one of the best 360 cameras for virtual reality in its category.

Hyper360 a really good 360 action camera

hyper360 camera virtual reality 360 degrees
Hyper360 also works as a 360 degree webcam, so you can make live videos on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

In addition to this it can work as a great panoramic camera ideal for outdoors.

Selfies are something else with the 360 camera.

As it has different capture modes, you can take selfies not only in flat photo, but also in 360 degree mode, planet mode, sphere mode and virtual reality.
hyper360 vr camera

Hyper360 camera features

  • Compatible with Android and iOS (with the right software)
  • 360 camera format, has wide angle lenses: 360×220 degrees
  • Shock resistant material with high quality and durable lenses.
  • Night imaging system to take 360 photos and videos in the dark
  • In addition to this, the 360 camera has a remote control system.
  • Four different image capture formats.
  • One of the best cameras for streaming 360 videos on YouTube channels.
  • One of the gift gadgets for men who like to make high voltage videos.

immersive video virtual reality 360 camera

Hyper360 camera reviews

When I created videos I found myself in a really immersive experience. In conclusion, it is for me one of the best 360 degree cameras.

Hyper360 mini camera reviews and opinions

I am making montages of events and parties with my friends and families, and it is really cool to take the photos with the 360 degree camera.

Hyper360 mini camera reviews and opinions
Hyper360 360 Degree Camera Reviews and Reviews
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