iWater de Luxe the sthe smart tap to save water

iWater Deluxe smart tap water saving

What is iWater de Luxe and what is it for?

iWater de Luxe is a gadget specially designed to save water. With this new system, you can save on your water bill and also your home will be more friendly with nature.

What is iWater Deluxe and how does it work?

iWater de Luxe is a filter for the tap that allows a very large water saving. This regulator works by means of an intelligent motion sensor, which detects when we are going to use it and when not, letting the water stop and closing the flow, depending on each situation.

How can I save hot water with iWater de Luxe

iwater de luxe eco tap for save water
iWater de Luxe can also use to save hot water, because the system allows us to activate the flow of water in the tap with the temperature already regulated, and stop it instantly when it is stopped using.

iWater de Luxe features

  • On / off system with two motion sensors
  • Response time of 0.25 seconds. Off – on very fast.
  • This gadget is easy to install, no cables required.
  • The battery lasts up to six months, and then it can be charged in a few hours with a USB cable.
  • It allows to save up to 50% of water in daily use.
  • The automatic tap closing system is ideal for homes with children. It keeps the faucet automatically closed even when they forget to close it.
  • Shipping is guaranteed and free of charge worldwide.

iWater de Luxe Smart Faucet Review and opinions

iWater de Luxe reviews

I have one installed in the kitchen and another in each bathroom. I have noticed that I save water since the first month. especially hot water, the electricity and water bills are lower now.

iWater de Luxe Smart Faucet Review

I started using it when my daughter left the water running and made a mess in the kitchen. Now I am calmer, because I know that he will not leave the water running even if he forgets to close.

iWater de Luxe Smart Faucet Review

It is a great way to save water. In most hotels and new public areas it starts to be used and is very effective.

iWater de Luxe Smart Faucet Review
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