TechWatch a classic smartwatch

techwatch smartwatch reviews and opinions

What is the new smartwatch Techwatch and why is it the best seller?

The smartwatch of the Techwatch brand, is a device compatible with Android and iPhone phones very similar to the eWatch model, but with some small features that make it different.

What advantages does Techwatch have over other smartwatches?

First of all, based on our reviews, these two smartwatches use different applications, which although they are similar we have been seeing separately and tested on different phones.

Is TechWatch really effective?

The application that uses the Techwatch model, we have found more effective for use with any smartphone model. In addition to this, it is compatible with more versions of Android and iOS, so it adapts to more phones. On the other hand We can see that the price is maintained in this new version with respect to the previous one.

A new Tach Watch in the same smartwatch

techwatch smartwatch reviews and opinions
The new version of Techwatch has improvements in all its internal components, improving its performance. In addition it maintains its elegant design with hardly any external changes.

Techwatch features

  • New bluetooth system that connects the smartwatch with the smartwatch more quickly and efficiently.
  • Improvements in the measurement of heart rate and vital signs.
  • Direct alerts of pulsations per minute, Oximeter, tensiometer …
  • Longer battery life.
  • Greater water resistance, improved IP68
  • HD screen with improvements in resolution.
  • Allows you to answer calls while away from the phone
  • Improved application with more functionalities and better presentation of sport and health data.
  • It could become one of the alternatives to Apple Watch
  • Direct sale in the official store with all the guarantees and free shipping costs all over the world.
  • The best-selling smartwatch this summer in the US ahead of other classics.

Techwatch smartwatch reviews

The new Tech Watch model works very well. The screen looks very sharp and still maintains its design.

Techwatch smartwatch reviews

The improvements are noticeable. I had the old TechWatch model and now I bought the new one because I liked how it went. As for much better speed, the battery lasts longer and the measurements are more accurate. I recommend it to you.

Techwatch smartwatch reviews
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