Totaltrim Pro cordless electric shaver

Totaltrim Pro electric shaver for men reviews and opinions

Take care of your look with style with Totaltrim Pro, official shaver

TotalTrim Pro is much more than an electric razor. It is a hair cutting machine created to reach any area of the body and face with total precision and in a hurry. Thanks to this excellent men’s shaving kit we can wear a close and detailed look whenever we want and anywhere.

Raw steel blades and heads of all sizes in TotalTrim Pro

In order to have all the hair in a hurry and reach difficult areas, it is necessary to have a very versatile machine. If you also want to be able to shave your body, both the torso, the back, the legs or the groin, with the wide range of heads of the TotalTrim Pro male shaver you can do it comfortably and with a smooth and spectacular closeness.

The TotalTrim Pro shaver also comes with lubrication included for extra smoothness

buy Totaltrim Pro electric shaver for men reviews and opinions
You can add lubricants to the area of heads specially designed for this in the TotalTrim Pro electric shaver and thus achieve greater softness and avoid irritation in any part of the body and face when removing hair.

In addition to this, it is so sharp that we can shave in cold water without problems or dry, although it will always be much better and smoother if we use hot water.

Main features of the TotalTrim Pro electric hair clipper

  • It works without cable, it is very comfortable and manageable.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and long-lasting so you can use the razor for longer.
  • You can use combs of different calibers to cut the hair to suit the user.
  • You also have blades for shaving the face and body that will allow you to use it for any type of cut.
  • All blades are made of stainless steel, totally resistant and durable.
  • You will be able to refine your beard effectively thanks to its raw steel blade.
  • The machine has a trimmer that will allow you to also outline the beard and obtain a modern and stylish look.
  • In addition to this, you have a cutting head for the internal area of ​​the nose and the hairs of the ears.
  • Both the machine and the heads are easily disassembled and very easy to clean.
  • You have a presentation support as in professional barbershops.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 100% product satisfaction guarantee

Reviews and opinions of the TotalTrim Pro cordless shaver

I’m saving a lot of money by going to the hairdresser, besides, thanks to the fact that now I can outline my beard more neatly, my wife doesn’t protest when I leave it a little longer. she was tired of always going with a shaved face.

buy Totaltrim Pro electric shaver for men reviews and opinions

At home my two brothers and I use it. Each one has its own different style, but with this machine we can leave very complete cuts with professional finishes. My brother wears magazine sideburns.

buy Totaltrim Pro electric shaver for men reviews and opinions
buy Totaltrim Pro electric shaver for men reviews and opinions
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