TV Caster how to connect iphone and smartphone to tv

Tv Caster how to connect iphone to tv review and opinions

The gadget that allows you to connect your TV with your smartphone is TV Caster, see how

Why TV Caster? Today, we spend all the time connected, both to a laptop, to the phone, tablet or any other device to TV.

This device is an excellent solution for this, since through a central receiver, it allows us to connect any smartphone, tablet or laptop and take control of the television.

And television is the social center of the house.So having a gadget that allows us to have any of our devices connected to television, will allow us to use TV as a center of our activities easily.

TV Caster full HD for connect the smartphone to your tv
TV Caster connect your smartphone to you TV and convert your TV in a real Smart TV  Wirelessly streams Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO and more.

It is also a simpler way to connect your iPhone or Android games with your TV and enjoy them on the big screen.

How TV Caster works and connect your iPhone and Android to TV

This wireless connector for television is the simplest on the market.You simply have to connect the adapter to your television using the USB cable, or HDMI, and detect and send to your television from your smartphone,iPhone, iPad or Tablet.

You can follow the scheme as shown below.

Before connect the device to the television, you must wait for a minute, in order for the adapter to propagate, and use the corresponding App for connect with your peripheral.

tv caster installation

The best TV box TV Caster features

  • Turn your tv into a smart TV.Allows streaming Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO, movies all with HD quality
  • The system is totally legal as long as you tune into public or private channels that you have contracted.
  • Can connect your iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and laptops to TV.
  • Several devices can be connected at the same time.
  • Ideal for multiplayer games. Very high transmission speed
  • The bluetooth 4.0 port makes it compatible to connect the mobile to the TV with all kinds of devices.
  • You can use the WiFi Wifipod amplifier to have a better signal to the TV

TV Caster reviews and opinions

Now that I have learned how to connect my iPhone to TV with Caster TV I have it all in one device. It’s really cool

tv caster how to  connect iphone to tv review
Brendan Best

I thought it was a really good purchase. I have installed two, one in my room and one in the living room, and now I have all the series whenever I want and where I want.

tv caster how to  connect iphone to tv review
Abby Silverman
TV Caster how connect your smartphone to your TV reviews and opinions
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