Wireless charger, the best models of 2024

We analyze what wireless chargers can provide you with respect to conventional ones

Wireless charger is one that allows you to charge the battery of a device without connecting any cable. They can be smartphones, smartwatches, games, tablets and a wide variety of other devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless chargers

As new components are developed and battery device software improves, the use of these types of charging devices increases. This is because using a wireless charger has more and more advantages, let’s see the pros and cons updated today:

  • It is true that they consume more energy, although today the difference is not that great compared to other types of chargers.
  • Loading is slightly slower, but this is an advantage.
  • Nowadays, they can charge different devices at the same time.
  • In addition, they extend the life of the smartphone or other devices, since they heat up less.
  • Currently, they are compatible with most smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, tablets…
  • They pollute less, since they do not need as many components. Connectors, cable etc..

Here we present the list of most demanded wireless connectors

Nesti 3 en 1 review and opinions

Nesti 3 in 1, multiple charging with zero cables

If there is a wireless charger model that is standing out right now, it is Nesti 3 in 1. This folding base is compatible with 99% of devices and has the lowest loss of energy possible.

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PowerPulse review and opinions

PowerPulse, cheaper wireless charger

Although this model is very similar to the previous one, and you can also use it on smartphones, smartwatches, headphones or tablets, according to the manufacturer’s review, its charging speed may be slightly slower. In return, it is cheaper.

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Winergy review and opinions

Winergy, fast wireless charging

Although this model of charging bank only allows one device at a time, the charging speed is much higher. It is ideal for users who need to have their phone or tablet always available. Its base is comfortable and can be tilted to see the screen while charging.

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Why buy a wireless charger if I have mine with a factory cable?

There are other details that are not taken into account when charging the batteries of our gadgets, which we would like to highlight, and which are the following and for which avoiding cables is an advantage:

  • First of all, less radiation, so both the device and people are better protected.
  • No danger of tension accumulation in the cables. Learn how to improve phone battery health.
  • In addition to this, more safety against fire and overheating.
  • Finally versatility, since it allows you to charge all your devices in a single device.
  • You can check the review of Nesti 3 in 1 in our official section.

Reviews and opinions to consider before buying a wireless charger

Although comfort prevails above all else, many real users use it to have an all-in-one, and today, many people already have smartwatches, smartphones, and headphones, and thanks to this type of device, they can carry out simultaneous charges. protecting your devices.

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