How to improve phone battery health

Cómo alargar la vida de las baterías de teléfono

Improving the health of batteries is extending the life of devices

How to extend the life of your phone, tablet or smartwatch batteries is not a mystery. You just have to follow a series of guidelines and use the right chargers, and the health of your devices will improve exponentially.

Most common guidelines to extend battery life

Both for smartphones and for other devices, there are a series of guidelines that you must respect, and if you follow them regularly they will help you extend the life of your batteries, we highlight the following:

  • Avoid heat as much as possible, no fast loading, unnecessary applications running in the background etc..
  • The stress zones of the battery are below 30% and above 80% charge, try to keep it within those margins.
  • Airplane mode, or device turned off when not in use, prevents it from heating up unnecessarily.
  • Try to always charge your smartphone and other devices on Off, or at least don’t use them. It is also dangerous to talk on the phone when it is charging.
  • Calibrate the batteries every so often, three to four months.

Which chargers help me preserve the health of the batteries

It is clear that if extreme heat must be avoided, ultra-fast charging batteries are the worst option for extending battery life, it is a matter of thermodynamics. Although some do not recommend it, chargers without cable they avoid the heat much more.

Nesti 3 en 1 review and opinions

Nesti 3 in 1, smooth and dynamic charging

One of the best ways to charge smartphones and smartwatches is the Nesti 3-in-1 wireless charger, it does not heat up the battery and significantly extends the life of the devices.

Winergy review and opinions

Winergy, universal wireless charger

If you want to preserve the health of the batteries of your tablets and smartphones, with the Winergy wireless charger you can charge all kinds of devices progressively and without overheating.

Calibrate your smartphone’s battery to last much longer

Another of the important processes in your smartphone and tablet to improve the health of the batteries is to calibrate the device on a regular basis. This process is very simple and is done by following these steps:

  • Charge the battery fully with the phone off, when it is 100% connect the smartphone.
  • Use the device as normal and allow it to fully discharge, until it automatically disconnects.
  • When it is completely discharged, leave the device in rest between 6 and 8 hours before charging again.
  • Finally charge the phone or tablet to 100% and even keep the device connected to the charger for a few more minutes. Once connected, the battery will be recharged.
  • This process works with all kinds of phones and tablets, from iPhones to smartphones like Maxphone or generic tablets like ProXtablet
  • In case of doubt, you can always consult the user manual of your smartphone model.

Reviews and opinions of the process to extend the life of the batteries

In addition to using wireless chargers, it is very useful to use portable charging cards such as AquaVault ChargeCard Ultra that allow you to always stay above 30% even if you don’t have access to a plug.

How to improve phone battery health

I never use my phone when I’m charging, and if I get a call I unplug it from the charger. In addition to shortening the life of batteries, it is dangerous. One of the worst experiences is having your phone explode when you are using it.

How to improve phone battery health