X-Trimmer the electric dry shaver

X Trimmer the new electric razor led

The best dry shave with X-Trimmer, blade type OneBlade

X-Trimer X-Ergo is an electric razor specially designed for dry shaving. Thanks to its new system type OneBlade, it removes the beard in a single pass without causing irritation to the skin and with a closeness as perfect as that of conventional blades.

The X-Trimmer X-Ergo dry electric shaver type OneBlade is really effective

One of the great qualities for which the X-Ergo X-Trimmer dry shaver type OneBlade stands out is its great efficiency with any type of beard. It is equipped with extremely sharp steel blades that do not wear out, and that move by intense vibration with a small but powerful motor that allows you to get any type of hair straightened.

Crude steel and three different heads, the best X-Trimmer tools

X-Trimmer the new electric razor type OneBlade led without irritation
The X-Trimmer X-Ergo dry electric shaver type OneBlade consists of an extra strong and very sharp raw steel blade, it does not deteriorate and cuts much more than conventional blades.

In addition to this, it has three heads that will allow you to work at different levels and be able to outline the beard and sideburns with ease and precision.

Features of the X-Trimmer dry shaver type OneBlade

  • Blade forged in very long-lasting crude steel, will not need a replacement for many years. Resistant to rust and degradation.
  • The structure is also reinforced, and as it does not need foam, it degrades much more slowly.
  • Additionally to this, it is advisable to oil the blade from time to time so that it glides more smoothly.
  • All parts of the machine can be changed, including the blade if necessary.
  • Very resistant and sharp edge, shaves in a single pass.
  • Adaptable head, reaches any difficult place on the face with ease. You will get a more perfect dry shave.
  • Easy to clean, it allows to clean all the corners of the machine, avoiding dirt or bacteria .
  • Guaranteed a shave without irritation regardless of the type of beard.
  • It has an LED light that will improve visibility at all times.
  • Works with a 5V interchangeable battery.
  • It takes up very little space and can be carried and used anywhere. Ideal for travel.
  • Design conceived to be able to outline the sideburns and the beard or mustache, being able to shape your look at any time.
  • Ranked #1 in sales of gift tech gadgets for men.
  • Free shipping and guaranteed delivery worldwide.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Reviews and opinions of the X-Trimmer electric dry shaver type OneBlade

I’ve used soap and conventional disposable blades all my life. With this long-term shaver you save a lot of money, I have counted it and I get about € 15€ – 20€ in foam per year and another €30 in blades, so the bills go in favor of the electric machine.

Price review and opinions of X-Trimmer the portable dry shaver with LED
Forest guard

I have a very similar one, and I have to admit that dry shaving is not as bad as I thought. Some part of it becomes red, so more difficult, but that happened to me before too. With a little lotion, everything solved. I recommend you try it.

X-Trimmer the best dry electric shaver, review and opinions
Insurance broker

All my life I have shaved with disposable razors and hot water. Since I tried dry shaving, I’ve gotten used to it and don’t want to try anything else, in my opinion it’s a huge advance.

X-Trimmer the best dry electric shaver, review and opinions
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X-Trimmer the new electric razor led without irritation review and opinions
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