3d Magnet Lashes the best magnetic eyelashes

3d Magnet Lashes the best magnetic eyelashes for 2020

What are the 3d Magnet Lashes and where do I get them?

3d Magnet Lashes is a set of reusable magnetic eyelashes specially designed for any occasion.

Are 3D magnetic eyelashes good?

Compared to other type of false eyelashes, the magnetic ones are the ones that best treat the hair of the area, because the fixation is not adesive, nor does it require any type of coating of the real eyelashes. After reviewing this product, we believe it is a very good option.

How 3d Magnet Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

For know how to apply and remove of 3D Magnet lashes extensions correctly, you must follow the steps below

  • Place the applicator horizontally and place the eyelash strips on top and bottom of the corresponding shape. Make sure they both curl up and their micro-magnets are facing each other
  • Attach the applicator to your eyes, leaving your natural eyelashes between the magnetic ones, the closest to the skin of the eyelid, but without pinching it.
  • Press the applicator, and then gently remove it.
  • To remove the false eyelashes, with the eye closed, gently smooth the two parts with two fingers until the magnets are separated. Then remove carefully.

How many times can you reuse magnetic lashes?

3d Magnet Lashes the new magnetic eyelashes for 2020
The best magnetic eyelashes 3d Magnet Lashes can last a long time if you put them on when you have finished putting on makeup and do not apply any mask on them. Additionally, always remove them carefully.

3D Magnet Lashes features

  • Three magnetization points, keep the false eyelashes completely attached.
  • They last without falling for as long as you need, but if they fall due to any friction they can be put on instantly.
  • They don’t use any chemicals, so they don’t damage the lashes
  • Made with long-lasting materials, you can use them many times.
  • Elegant design, you will have a seductive and beautiful look.
  • They are an ideal gift gadget for women and at a great price.

3d Magnet Lashes the best magnetic eyelashes reviews

3D Magnet Lashes best magnetic eyelashes reviews

They stay great, they don’t get delighted and I don’t even miss a hair from my eyelashes, for me one of the best ones I’ve bought. I recommend it to you

3D Magnet Lashes reviews
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I use these magnetic lashes almost every day, and since I bought them, I have become more comfortable. They also look great.

3D Magnet Lashes reviews

They are the best magnetic eyelashes I have tried so far. I have them for 6 months and they continue as the first day.

3D Magnet Lashes reviews
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