SnoWhite the best instant LED teeth whitening

SnoWhite the best instant LED teeth whitening

What is the new teeth whitener SnoWhite?

SnoWhite is a new instant tooth whitening system, which works by applying LED light sessions in the dental area.

How this new teeth whitening system works?

The LCD teeth whitening system, works by connecting the device to your USB socket, you can do it directly with your smartphone.
Then, apply teeth whitening gel evenly on your teeth (thickness of approximately 1 mm). You should have the device in your mouth with the light for about 16 minutes. Then rinse your teeth with warm water.

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With SnoWhaite whiten your teeth easily and quickly at home or anywhere, since it is very comfortable to wear, discreetly and in addition to this, it is used in a very short time.

SnoWhaite features

  • Teeth whitening by LED system. There is no risk of chafing or gum damage.
  • It can be connected to any USB, both Smartphone and laptop, you can perform teeth whitening at home or anywhere. In addition to this it is ideal for traveling.
  • Very easy to use, and to wash. Pretty smile always ready in any situation.
  • Compatible with all types of devices.
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Where can I buy SnoWhaite

In our review you have access to the purchase of this great teeth whitening. You can buy it in any country in the world, and with free shipping with:

  • Singapore post -Free
  • Swiss Post-Free
  • FedEx-Free
  • UPS-Free
  • DHL-Free
  • 4px-Free

SnoWhaite reviews

It works very well, they stay white and fresh teeth at the moment. In addition, I bought two, and now teeth whitening at home is an activity I do as a couple with my husband.


I tried it, and now I always use it. Thanks to SnoWhaite I brush my teeth when I have a party, or to go out there. in 15 minutes, while I’m on the plane, and ready for the club.

Flight attendant
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