BackXpack the largest anti-theft backpack

backxpack test and opinions

The new BackXpack anti-theft backpack is another evolution in comfort

BackXpack is currently a new model of all-terrain backpack specially designed to adapt to all the needs of anyone at the level of carrying objects safely against theft, and at the same time providing a support that allows you to be connected at all times.

No matter what you have inside, with BackXpack it will be protected

This great backpack is designed so that you can transport almost anything, from your laptop, to the purchase without fear of having the outer fabric cut off and stealing what you have inside. BackXpack’s anti-theft system is going to put an end to this technique so used by thieves in cities.

The BackXpack backpack is the only one of its category in which it will fit everything

backxpack test and review
The dimensions of the BackXpack anti-theft backpack are 47x12x28cm, which allows you to carry almost anything inside, from the purchase, to the laptop to be able to work or study.

In addition to this, you have space for the charging bank, and USB and charger sockets to have your devices always ON.

Highlights of the BackXPack anti-theft backpack

  • The material of the outer and inner layer is totally waterproof and will keep everything you transport dry.
  • The middle layer is made of an anti-cut mesh that will prevent you from being stolen by the method of removing the backpack.
  • Despite being very large, with dimensions of 47x12x28cm, it is very comfortable and aesthetic.
  • Plus, it’s as safe as the smaller FlexSafe
  • For greater security, you can lock the zippers in the padlock in the internal area.
  • Inside there is a space for a load bank.
  • On the side you have USB and charging inputs that will allow you greater mobility.
  • There are five colors available, from discreet black, or gray to purple, blue and red.
  • Inside you have different compartments to organize all the content.
  • There is an area specially designed for folders, laptop, tablet etc.
  • If any liquid is spilled inside, it will not leak outside.
  • It’s so big that you can fit a laptop inside, and it still fits a mini air conditioner like CoolEdge.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax identification and makes the direct sale by sending from the brand’s factory, without third-party intermediation. It is NOT a dropshipping sale and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%

Reviews and opinions of the BackXPack safe backpack

It is really very useful, my work keeps me away from home all day, and thanks to this type of backpack, I can take everything to the office, from the computer, to the mid-morning sandwitch.

BackXpack the largest anti-theft backpack
Graphic designer

I have been robbed twice by the same method on the subway. They cut the inside of my bag without my noticing and took things away. If this is that resistant, I want one to be able to travel with peace of mind.

BackXpack the largest anti-theft backpack
Supermarket cashier

BackXpack the largest anti-theft backpack test and review
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