BiteEraser relief after insect bites

Biteeraser relieves the itch from mosquito bites and insects

Quick relief for mosquito and insect bites with BiteEraser

BiteEraser helps quickly and effectively alleviate mosquito and insect bites, including tiger mosquito bites with a new method that does not require alcohol or chemicals on the skin.

What is BiteEraser and how does it work?

BiteEraser is a suction pencil that effectively removes active elements from insect and mosquito bites without the need to apply any product to the skin.

It works by applying the head to the affected area of the skin and pressing the mechanism for a few seconds. In a short time you notice relief from itching or stinging.

Is BiteEraser really effective?

Really yes, with all kinds of stings that do not leave a stinger it is very effective and works really well. This includes tiger mosquito bites, ticks or fleas among other insects that we can find in nature. It does not work with bee stings and other insects that have a stinger if it is not removed before.

Can BiteEraser be used on children?

buy Biteeraser relieves the itch from mosquito bites and insects
BiteEraser does not use any chemicals or abrasives and is completely harmless to children.

In addition to this, it can be used as many times as necessary, since it also does not have components that can cause allergies.

Properties of the bite reduction pen

  • Easy to apply and use, it saves as a pencil and does not take up space.
  • Effective 99% of the time, relieves insect bites including those of the tiger mosquito and wasps.
  • No need to recharge batteries or change batteries, it is 100% ecological.
  • It also does not need additional creams or other chemical elements such as alcohols, so it is totally anti-allergic and does not have side reactions.
  • It is suitable for use in children, it can be used at any age.
  • It can be used in pregnant women, it does not emit any type of radiation.
  • In case of insect bites with a stinger, or with powerful poisons such as a scorpion, go immediately to a doctor.
  • It is the ideal complement for Moskinator insect and mosquito repellent.

BiteEraser reviews and opinions

I go out to the field a lot, and many times I come home with mosquito bites and other bugs. I’m going to buy it just to test if it really is effective.


We live in a house outside the city and in summer we need something to relieve for tiger mosquito bites, which are now a plague. This after-bite device is very effective.

buy Biteeraser relieves the itch from mosquito bites and insects
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