Ergorelax the ergonomic travel pillow

Ergorelax the neck ergonomic inflatable pillow reviews

Traveling is more comfortable with the Ergorelax inflatable ergonomic pillow in any vehicle

Ergorelax allows us to travel in a much more comfortable way thanks to its specially created design to support our body from the front. With this front pillow we can even sleep on long trips, supporting the head and arms in a natural posture.

Exactly what is Ergolax?

Ergolax is an neck ergonomic inflatable pillow that is used frontally. First of all, it allows you to rest and sleep head-on, resting your head on its special support, and your arms in specially designed holes. In addition to that, it also allows you to rest and sleep on your side. And all this avoiding overloads on the neck and back that may cause contractures or other pain.

How does the Ergorelax neck travel pillow work?

First of all you have to unfold and inflate the pillow, this operation is done in a short time. Secondly, place it in a fixed way, either on the legs, or on the front seat support, or another type of support, in the office, at home, wherever, and finally, take the proper posture to rest.

Is the Ergorelax pillow really effective?

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Ergorelax has been shown to be 100% effective and to adapt to any appearance and the best neck pillow ergonomics.

In addition to this, it can be used anywhere, and not just on trips. Although it is especially indicated for long trips.

Properties of the Ergorelax travel pillow

  • Breathable and anti-allergic material, does not cause sweating or allergic reactions.
  • Ergonomically designed and flexible, it adapts to any body.
  • It has a special valve that makes it very easy to inflate.
  • Once folded, it hardly takes up space.
  • Avoid neck and back pain. You will also finish the trip with a more rested body.
  • It is the ideal complement to Neck Relax
  • You can sleep for several hours straight without neck or back problems. In addition, it dampens provocative movements due to potholes or turbulence.
  • Next to the 4G WiFi amplifier WiFi Pod it is one of the best selling travel gadgets this year.

Ergorelax travel pillow reviews and opinions

My husband and I bought a pair to go on a trip, and we always use them on the plane when there is a long flight. They are very good, we arrived much more rested after each trip. They are also very easy to store and clean.

Ergorelax the travel pillow for painless sleep
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I have one of these front pillows, and I got used to using it for a nap. It really is much better, although in my opinion, to use it for many hours each day does not end, one ends up sleeping more than she should.

Ergorelax the travel pillow for painless sleep
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