Ecoheat S, low consumption ceramic heater

Ecoheat S ceramic heater review and opinions

Official product Ecoheat S, review and opinions

Ecoheat S is a low-consumption ceramic heater that allows you to instantly heat any part of your home, office and any other room. Let’s see the most frequent reviews and opinions.

The ideal ceramic heater for the whole house is Ecoheat S

In addition to this it is an ideal bathroom heater as the ceramic material which is manufactured ECOHEAT S makes it ideal for resisting humidity in a reliable way and above all a great gadget for use in home.

Low cost ceramic mini heating

ecoheat mini split with smart heatering
Ecoheat S is a small ceramic heater with an elegant design that combines with the latest technology.

Thanks to its smart thermostat certainly can save more than 50% energy in addition to avoiding overheating.

Ecoheat S has several powers and an LED display to mark the target temperature. In addition to an oscillation system to distribute the heat correctly based in our reviews.
ecoheat s smart heater

Ecoheat S small ceramic heater features

In case you are not sure if this is the type of mini air heater that best suits what you need, before buying, we show you all the data provided by the manufacturers and official suppliers in their reviews:

  • Made of ceramic material resistant to moisture and overheating
  • Additionally, the new version has all the energy efficiency models.
  • ECO consumption label with powers of 600V and 1200V
  • Intelligent heating system with LED digital thermostat
  • Heat distribution system with rotary fan, so this can better distribute the heat of the air.
  • Dump detection system with automatic stop
  • Ideal heating for rooms up to 8-10 square meters.
  • Waterproof materials, completely protected from the humidity of the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Ideal to save electricity by heating small rooms.
  • Its anti-shock system makes it perfect for warming your feet sitting at a table in the office and working at home.
  • The modern version with wall rotation is the Orbis Heater model.

Ecoheat S reviews

Thanks to this small heater I can have my office warm, or my living room in a few minutes. Certainly this has been a successful purchase.

Ecoheat S reviews and price of mini ceramic electric heater

It is the first air heater that does not spoil me in the bathroom because of the humidity. I bought two Ecoheat S and I use them in my room and that of the children in addition with total tranquility.

Ecoheat S reviews and price of mini ceramic electric heater

I have two for the bedrooms and I save a lot on electricity compared to the 2000V radiators I had before.

Ecoheat S reviews and price of mini ceramic electric heater

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