Qinux Pixgo 4K, I present to you the extreme sports camera

Attention: I have written this review based on my experiences and with accurate technical data after testing the product and contrasting it with the official sales company. My opinions and conclusions as well as those of third parties are real and at no time are they intended to influence your purchasing decision.

Below the Qinux Pixgo 4K test and the public’s opinions, you can leave yours

I have tested this real action camera, and I will try to answer all your questions regarding use and results. But you can also see the opinions of other users along with the rating they give so you can get a clear idea of ​​what it is.

Let’s start by knowing what this specific product is

Qinux Pixgo 4K is a sports camera with great image quality and a series of accessories that have allowed me to use it in any situation. It has worked well for me both underwater and in full motion.

I detail below the advantages of Qinux Pixgo 4K

If you are like me, who enjoys the outdoors, with this camera you can get photos and videos of all your excursions. Whether you are cycling or running, on a motorcycle or underwater, you will always have the best image quality. This is what stands out the most:

Small and manageable anywhere

Qinux Pixgo 4K, multipurpose camera
One of the things I like the most is the contrast between the power of the Qinux Pixgo 4K and its manageability. You can carry it in any pocket, but as soon as it is in your hands you have a camera with all kinds of functions for any image taking.

In addition, you can operate it with a single touch of your finger from its LCD screen or also directly from your phone through an APP.

Adapters to take images from anywhere

Qinux Pixgo 4K, selfie stick
With more than 12 removable pieces that allow you to create a custom support for each situation, you can place your camera in the ideal position for any photo or video.

In addition, the WiFi connection and the APP for the phone will allow you greater recording control when you are on the move.

Resistant to any sports practice

Qinux Pixgo 4K, sports camera
Another thing that I really liked about Qinux Pixgo 4K is that it is suitable for everything, it doesn’t matter whether it is doing mountain bike circuits or running, the image is stable and you can carry it comfortably in any vehicle.

Also, if you like water sports, the sealed housing allows you to do everything from scuba diving to diving without damaging the camera.

More stable and sharp image control

Qinux Pixgo 4K, image stabilizer
We have image quality on two sides. First of all, an intelligent image stabilizer that prevents blurry shots and gives you higher quality details than cameras in its category.

Secondly, a firmer and more stable support that guarantees that the camera does not move while you move.

Below you have the technical and purchasing characteristics of Qinux Pixgo 4K

  • Compact camera with 4K image quality and Full HD resolution high performance.
  • Shock resistant and with hermetic casing that makes it submersible even in the sea.
  • Long-lasting battery with USB-C charging cable, with up to 12 hours of recording.
  • Removable supports that adapt to your arm, any bicycle, motorcycle or skate bar and with selfie stick included and extendable.
  • Image stability system that avoids blurry shots in both video and photo.
  • APP to control the camera with the phone.
  • If you want more storage capacity, you can carry with you a pendrive PhotoStick Omni up to 256Gb
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Customer service

  • Hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : English
  • +34 932 20 07 72 : Hebrew
  • +34 932 20 07 80 : German
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : Spanish
  • +34 932 20 07 82 : French
  • Support email: support@ecomgroupteam.com
  • You can contact the company to resolve any questions with your orders, to make returns or to inquire about use, request assistance and everything related to the product.

After reviewing the Qinux Pixgo 4K camera, these are my conclusions

I especially liked the image quality and the waterproof casing. It is very easy to disassemble and the extendable arm adapts very well to everything, fixing the camera to any support. I really found it to be a very good product in terms of quality and price.
Qinux Pixgo 4K, real product

It is advisable to buy the model in the official store

As with most products, I will always recommend the official store. At no time am I going to recommend Amazon, Temu or Aliexpress, because you can find fake sellers and that is synonymous with problems. Furthermore, I recommend that you always save the confirmation email and the order number to avoid any possible problems.

Send us an email if you have any problems with your order

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Your opinion is of great value to me

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    • 2 weeks ago

    Hello, I have accessed the website and bought one with the discount applied. All the information you give about the purchasing process has made me decide, I hope I don’t regret it later.

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