Flash drive USB storage system compatible with phones and computers

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Flash Drive is the universal USB memory for all devices

A memory storage solution is increasingly necessary for our devices, and Flash Drive gives us everything we need. This memory pen allows us to store files from any device.

It is a USB memory that, through built-in adapters, allows it to be inserted in any type of device, so that we can always access our files. Additionally, it is compatible with any operating system, both Android, Windows, iOS.This makes it the ideal complement to add to our Smart backpack. It is also an ideal complement to travel, as it allows us to store all the photos of our trips.

Flash Drive memory stick for all uses

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With flash drive you will always have available a support in which to store the photos and videos of your phone.

In addition, you can always have your work available for any presentation or consultation in a comfortable and easy to carry way.

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Flash drive features

  • USB device for storing multimedia files compatible with iPhone and Android that connects directly to the mobile.
  • 64GB storage capacity, which gives it a large storage capacity.
  • High speed data transmission
  • It works like any USB, ideal for trips, meetings etc.
  • Compatible with many devices, like: iPhone 5, 5 S, 5 C, 6, 6 plus, 6 S, 6 S plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X. For iPad 4, Air, Mini, Mini 2. For Android: S3, Samsung, 4 and
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and free worldwide shipping.

Flash Drive reviews and opinions

I bought it for my vacation and it was great, we could save all the photos of my girlfriend and mine without saturating the phone. It is very practical and can be stored anywhere.

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It is one more USB, but it is true that it fits everything and is more comfortable than carrying cables everywhere.

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