CoolDown Pro, cold-heat neck fan

Cooldown Pro review and opinions

Avoid heat strokes with CoolDown Pro, the neck air conditioner CoolDown Pro is a neck fan with a totally futuristic design, which allows you to cool down or get warm anywhere, instantly, and keep you at a comfortable temperature without the need for air conditioning. -50% in official store Protect yourself from extreme weather with … Read more

AirCooly, cold air tower

Aircooly review and opinions

Cool environment with AirCooly, the humidifying tower AirCooly is a new tower with an air cooling effect, which also humidifies the environment. In addition to being simple and elegant, this device is as effective as any mini portable air conditioner. -50% in official store Cool a room up to 12º with the AirCooly mini air … Read more

Ice Towel prevents heat stroke

Ice Towel reseñas y opiniones

Escape the heat with Ice Towel, the most refreshing towel Ice Towel is a towel designed to cool our bodies quickly and effectively instead of drying ourselves out. It has been created to combat high temperatures, and to recover when we are doing sports activities, since it allows to lower body temperature quickly and easily. … Read more