GlowBowl Fresh luminous air freshener for toilet

GlowBowl Fresh luminous air freshener for toilet reviews and opinions

Your toilet cooler and brighter with GlowBowl Fresh, the luminous air freshener

GlowBowl Fresh is a new toilet bowl freshener with a built-in light that illuminates the toilet from the inside. It is designed to maintain a fresh environment and at the same time give a modern touch of light and style to your bathroom with each use.

The ideal air freshener for any type of toilet is GlowBowl Fresh

All bathrooms must be clean and sanitized, and if it is with a pleasant aroma, the better. But if they are also illuminated, they will have that perfect point between the decoration, and the practical element. This is possible thanks to the GlowBowl Fresh luminous air freshener, which also adapts to any type of bathroom and stage.

Both at home and in your business, GlowBowl Fresh is a useful and decorative air freshener

buy GlowBowl Fresh luminous air freshener for toilet reviews and opinions
Businesses such as bars, hotels, restaurants and other places with the presence of the public have in the GlowBowl Fresh luminous toilet air freshener a perfect hygienic and decorative element.

In addition to this, at home it is great to help children to use the toilet alone at night and not to need more light and lose sleep.

Characteristics of the luminous air freshener for bathrooms GlowBowl Fresh

  • It is very easy to install, and does not require technical knowledge of any kind.
  • The light part has a flexible neck that allows it to adapt to any toilet bowl.
  • The device is highly energy efficient, so the batteries last a long time.
  • Works with AAA batteries
  • You can use standard air freshener tablets, so you can choose any scent for your bathroom.
  • The lights have up to five different intensities.
  • Also, you have to move different lights, and a rainbow mode that will rotate all the tones automatically.
  • Additionally, the device has a sensor that turns off the lighting when no one is using the bathroom.
  • It is a product advertised on TV.
  • You have a 50-day trial without obligation.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and assured delivery.

Reviews and opinions of GlowBowl Fresh the air freshener with lights for toilets

This for a restaurant is very interesting. For a pub, or a bar, I don’t know if it could, mostly because when people are drunk they don’t respect anything and they could take it away or break it.

Massage therapist

It is very useful, especially at night, that men can aim better and not get the splash cover dirty. I’m going to install one in each bathroom so they don’t have any more excuses from now on.

buy GlowBowl Fresh luminous air freshener for toilet reviews and opinions
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