Xtra PC Pro pendrive with Linux pre-installed

buy Xtra PC Pro Linux portable system reviews and opinions

Recover your old computer with Xtra PC Pro self-installed Linux system

Xtra PC Pro is a USB memory stick with a Linux boot system that has an integrated operating system. Thanks to this new product, you will be able to start your computer if it was blocked and access all its content, and also accelerate the speed of your PC even if it is full and saturated with programs.

How the USB pendrive with pre-installed Linux Xtra PC Pro works

To use the operating system integrated in the memory stick, you just have to insert the USB pendrive with Linux pre-installed Xtra PC Pro into a USB port of your computer and boot the system. Instead of loading your old operating system, the new Linux will be loaded, leaving all the files on your computer accessible as a supplementary disk.

You can do it all, and faster with the pre-installed Linux Xtra PC Pro

Xtra PC Pro Linux portable system reviews and opinions
The USB memory stick comes with video and sound players, web browser, text editor and spreadsheets. In addition, you can use the Linux built into Xtra PC Pro to install programs you need on the hard drive and use them.

Additionally to this, you will accelerate your computer exponentially, and you will be able to clean your old operating system of garbage with ease.

Main features of the pendrive with pre-installed linux Xtra PC Pro

  • Three memory capacities to choose from, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
  • The Memory Stick comes with a completely clean and flat operating system to better accelerate the computer.
  • It can be used with different computers at the same time, since it is a separate OS from the one you have installed on your PC.
  • It does not require installation, you just have to insert the device into a USB port and start the computer.
  • By not loading heavy programs, it will make your computer run much faster.
  • It comes with all the integrated functional programs, so that you can work, such as text editors, sheets of calculation, image editors, web browser.
  • In addition, you can install other programs on the PC’s hard disk and use them from the Linux OS.
  • This device is ideal for traveling, since you can have your entire work environment at your disposal in any time.
  • Additionally to this, you will never lose your files by using it, since it is totally independent of the content of your computer.
  • Together with the MemorySafeX universal pen drive, it is the most sold memory this year.
  • If you also have the 4G WiFi Pod signal amplifier you can travel with all the necessary equipment for anything .
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You have a 30-day trial without obligation

Reviews and opinions of the portable Linux Xtra PC

It is an ideal device to recover old computers. I’m using it with a couple of office PCs that had Windows 98, because I wasn’t getting anything else due to the hardware, which fell short, and now we can work with them.

buy Xtra PC Pro Linux portable system reviews and opinions
Printing manager

To play is also great. By having the games installed on a system without applications that act from behind, it weighs everything but, and only the game and the necessary engines are executed to get the most out of it.

buy Xtra PC Pro Linux portable system reviews and opinions
Xtra PC Pro Linux portable system reviews and opinions
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